Tuesday, September 18, 2012

big birthday scarf and a give away

I really wanted to finish this scarf before my birthday.  I mentioned in a previous post about how much I loved this yarn, which I bought as a birthday present to myself (do you do that too?)
So last night I weaved in the ends and wrapped myself up. Happy Birthday to me!
I don't know why I'm smiling.  It was 85 degrees and I was sweating.  Let's get serious.
 I used 3 balls of madelinetosh DK in glazed pecan, with a G hook.  56 rows were crocheted from the starting chain, then end off, go back to the starting chain and crochet 56 rows in the opposite direction. It measures 11.5"x73".   This is a seriously BIG scarf. 
The brooch is a birthday present from my daughter (Banana Republic. On sale now).  I really like the fall colors in this yarn.   I know a lot of people enjoy the change from summer to fall, there are so many things to love about it.  So I am having a Fall/Birthday giveaway.  Leave a comment and tell me what you love about Fall, and you can chose either a ball of Noro wool in fall colors.....

OR, 4 fat quarters in fall colors....
I will send anywhere, just make sure there is an email where I can get in touch with you if you win.
The give away will be open until midnight on Sept. 22, which is the first day of fall here in the Western Hemisphere. Good Luck!

I have forgotten to mention that Laura, from Love the Bluebird had passed on the Sunshine Award to me last week.  Thank you Laura!!!  She has a great blog that is well worth a visit, (her photography is amazing, and check out that gorgeous blue ripple she is making!), so go give her some bloggy love!



  1. Gorgeous, generous, cosy scarf! The colour is amazing, and I love the name "glazed pecan"!!
    I love the crisp bright mornings with a hint of autumn in the air, and the thought of sitting in front of the cosy wood burner, making warming soups, casseroles, apple cake and rice puddings, and having bonfires!!!
    Lovely giveaway Lynne, and if I were lucky enought to win I would love those fat quarters!
    Gill xx

  2. That really IS a beautiful scarf!

  3. Lovely scarf!! For me, though, I'd chose fabric as I don't know what to do with yarn......and fall - I love the colorful leaves!

  4. That scarf is simply perfect. What a great project to celebrate the start of fall -- definitely my favorite season: the cooler weather, the smells of burning leaves and apples, and most definitely the fantastic colors. Three balls of madelinetosh DK, you say? Hmmmm...

  5. I love the smell of Fall when you go outside, and when you can cuddle up in a nice warm sweater. Cozie time of year.
    Thanks for the chance to win fall fabric.
    I love reading your blog too.

  6. Happy Birthday. Yes it's perfectly fine to give yourself a birthday present. Your scarf is beautiful, I love the colours and your daughters brooch is the perfect partner for it. What do I love about Fall? As a child I lived in Canada so I loved the leaves turning and the gorgeous colours. Now living in the UK I'm just glad that I know it will be cold and wet for the next 6 months. You should see our coat rack during the summer, it varies from light weights, raincoats to the return of our winter jackets. This time of year I know I just need warm clothes, ha ha. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Ali x

  7. I absolutely love that scarf and the brooch just goes perfectly with it!

    What I love about fall is spending time outdoors with my kids in the crisp air going to fall festivals or pumpkin patches and seeing their little noises turn red. Those are the sweetest days, everyone is so happy and has so much fun. :) Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway! :)

    Sarah sarasaki3@gmail.com

  8. Happy Birthday! It's my birthday today and it's been a gorgeous sunny but crisp day today - perfect. I do love a giveaway and I would choose the Noro yarn - it looks super soft and such lovely colours. Hope you are enjoying celebrating. xx

  9. Happy Birthday! Your scarf is beautiful. I WISH I could crochet like you do! I love pumpkins in the fall. I like just about anything with pumpkin in it from pie to scented candles. And Starbucks's pumpkin muffins are scrumptious!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYNNE! Hope it's your best one yet! And the scarf is gorgeous. Love the pin on it :)

  11. Happy Birthday! Love, Love the scarf! Great color! I have so many things I love about Fall! The leaves turning colors, pumpkin pie(yum!), apple picking, crisp cool days, decorating the front porch.... i would love to win the Noro yarn! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  12. How cute is that picture of you???? :)

    Hmmmm....pumpkins, hay bales, no humidity, mums, blue skies, apples, halloween, my birthday, chili and cornbread, sweaters, quilts, colorful foliage, what don't I like about Fall!!!

    I'd love to try to make my own granny square shawl just like yours!! I'd love the Noro, but the fabrics are totally cute too! Awesome giveaway!!xoxo Debbie

  13. What a beautiful scarf. I like that it is so big and I love the colors.

    I love fall for the change of seasons, for the warm days and cool nights, the bright blue skies. I love the colors of our mountains as the trees put on their fall burst of finery before settling in for the winter. I love fall so much that I had to get married in October just for the season's colors. 40 years and I still am happily married. I think it was the magic of fall that blessed our union. : )


  14. How did I miss your previous posts? You have lots going on there! From falling nuts, to lost of sewing and crochet, and oh my, do I ever love the new scarf!!! So pretty. Love the brooch! Happy Birthday!!! Keep em' coming!

  15. I buy myself stuff for my birthday also. Last year it was a set of Denise interchangeable knitting needles.

    What I love about autumn:
    flannel-backed quilts on the bed, drinking hot apple cider or cocoa, crunchy leaves, crisp air, wearing sweaters.

  16. That scarf is seriously beautiful!

    I love the temperature of fall and the cloudy, stormy days. I'm really not a heat ans sun person! I love the smell of fall. I enjoy taking up baking again and eating soups and stews. And knitting is much more enjoyable when the weather cools. I would be so happy to win the Noro yarn :-)

    Happy Birthday and thanks for the chance :-)

  17. Happy Birthday! The scarf is gorgeous, and looks perfect with the pin. Way to speed-hook that thing, didn't you just start it last week? :)

    Mmmm, what's not to love about fall? I love apples and leaves and woodsmoke and soup, but really, my absolute favorite thing is being able to sleep at night without sweating. (Isn't that just, you know, poetry?) Fingers crossed hard for the fat quarters!

  18. I'm loving that gorgeous scarf! It looks great on you.

    Fall? Crisp air, beautiful colors here in the Hudson Valley, apple cider, renewed energy.


  19. Gorgeous scarf, love the color and the size!

    Fall is my favorite season because of crunchy leaves, a pile of my favorite sweaters for when there is a chill in the air, love apples and pumpkins, soups and stews, I don't even mind all the work putting the flowers beds to sleep for the season, choosing a few new bulbs to plant for spring time flowers, high school bands, etc, etc, etc.

    I would welcome the Noro, lovely yarn.


  20. My most favouritist thing about Autumn is kicking through fallen leaves. I have loved doing this since I was a child although I always worried about scooping up earwigs into my shoes (not that I ever did). I passed the half century mark some years back but I still love kicking up leaves.

    I would love the fabric please should I be chosen as the winner.

    Philippa xx

  21. I love your big beautiful fall scarf! I was just thinking yesterday that I'm actually looking forward to scarf weather. So cozy!

  22. Hello Lynne
    Thank you for your comments on my latest post and yes I would very much like to enter your giveaway----and yes it does distract me from my woeful thoughts-thanks!

    I think what I most enjoy about Autumn are the colours. Mother Nature manages to offer us a kaleidoscope of colours which change daily through out this season. Its a delight to view and marvel at. I always see them as warm cosy colours.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  23. Love the scarf! Happy birthday to you, indeed! :) I have to buy myself stuff at my bday because my DH is a great guy but would forget his head if it wasn't attached to his neck.

    What do I love about fall... Well, I love Delaware in the fall. The crisp smell in the air, going to the apple orchard, the bright blue sky as a background showcasing the gorgeous oranges, yellows & reds of the changing leaves. I am homesick the most in autumn because in Ireland the leaves do change a bit, but not like at home. It is nice, though, to hunker down and enjoy the cooler weather. It's definitely a 'sit down and create' type, which I love!

  24. Beautiful scarf! The color is gorgeous!

  25. Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I hope you had a fabulous birthday!!


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