Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disappearing Shawl

The Dory shawl is finished, blocked, photographed, blogged, and has left the building.
Both my Mom and daughter were over swimming today, so I got my daughter to model for the camera.
My mother just loved it.  She ooohed and aaahed and fussed and asked about making one for herself, so I let her have it.  The shawl I mean. 

Made with Berocco Pure Pima and a US J hook.  This was a fast make, just sc and ch 3's for 35 rows.  I would recommend adding the border edging, because it didn't look like much without it.
 It's a keeper.  Unless you have a Mom.  A mom who likes shawls.  Blue ones.  Jeez.


  1. Aaaah good on you for giving the shawl to Mom! Lovely blue :-)

  2. That is SO pretty! I would love to make one too. Your daughter is lovely!!!
    XO Kris

  3. That's gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it, set against the fancy edging. Nice that your mama wanted it, and now you have an excuse to make another. Lovely model, too, btw! :)

  4. The shawl look great, was it very hard to make?

  5. I laughed out loud at this, the thought of your mum managing to get you to give her the shawl by the time she left! Very funny. You'll have to make yourself another one. It's very pretty, I love the colour. Shawls scare me a bit. Not that they're going to hurt me, but that I'm going to look like an old lady if I use one. I might practise with a bit of old blanket or something to see how I go.
    TPO= Tree Preservation Order. It's when a council decides, usually with the help of some local busybody that a tree should be left where it is and not pulled down. In theory I agree with this, but when you are told that the roots have gone right underneath one house in order to surface underneath yours and are sucking the moisture from the ground,and it's causing your house to sink and crack it does change your mind slightly! I wouldn't think you have much to worry about, I bet when your house was built, the foundations were done in such a way that the tree roots were taken into consideration. When mine was built they just threw it up quick and thought 'oh yes, look at that lovely oak tree, I wonder if that will do any damage in 80 years...'
    Actually the tree is staying, our house hasn't moved for three years and the surveyor thinks it's staying put and should be ok. Fingers crossed!
    Have a happy Wednesday!

  6. Hi dear Lynne, Your daughter is a very pretty model with your pretty shawl.. I like this crochet motif.. It seems so cute... The color is so soft..
    Well you will make another one for your mother...:)) But finally She will be so happy.. That's so nice..:))
    Best best wishes..:))

  7. Lovely...just how I hope mine will be :-)
    Yep! thanks to your inspiration I downloaded the pattern from Ravelry and I am midway to completing the shawl. I've done loads of shawls in the past but this seems a dawdle and its also turning out rather niceeee...at least I think so. I had promised my neice in Australia I would do one for her last August so I think its about time I fufilled my promise. I am a bit worried about the blocking though I've done that in the past too but I lived in a larger place then and had a patio where I could pin and lay out the shawls on board...that's all gone. I live in an apartment now so wondering how I am going to go about it.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Forgot to add

    It looks really nice on your model!!!

    A x

  9. It's a really pretty shawl, no wonder your mom wanted it. I think your right the edging really finishes it off. Have a lovely week. Ali x

  10. That is beautiful! A perfect match of yarn and pattern. And you are so sweet to give it to your mom! :)
    Jane x

  11. I love, love, love your shawl - well it was yours for a moment anyway!!!! Your mum is very lucky.

    Have a fab week hon.

  12. Love this shawl.....Christmas coming up.....hmmmmm


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