Thursday, July 5, 2012

I didn't see it coming......

I made a bag.  It wasn't in the lineup.  It hadn't even entered my mind until about 5 minutes before I started making it.  I was tidying up my sewing room, minding my own business.  The quilt I have been working on has left the work table buried under piles of neutral fabrics, and I haven't been able to find my favorite scissors for three days.  It was time to regroup and reorganize.
 I was looking through putting away some crochet books, and I found a picture of a simple tote bag.  What? Make a new bag?  Then I glanced over at my quilt blocks. Hmmmm.  Maybe add one of those?  I had it all planned out in my head faster than  you could say "Youshouldbeworkingonyourquilt!"
I always wanted to combine some quilting with crochet.
I made a 12"x24" rectangle out of charcoal gray chunky yarn and half double crochet stitch,  folded it in half and whip stitched the sides together.  Then I sewed a quilted log cabin block to the front, but left the top of it open, so it became a pocket.   I lined the bag with some Emperor's Garden fabric and added binding around the top.  I even got to use my new handy dandy Wonder Clips!
Kind of a slap dash affair, but it was a nice distraction.  And I found my scissors!
I will now return to my regularly scheduled quilting.  I think.


  1. I really like the bag you whipped up, and the best part ist you found your scissors and you had fun searching them.

  2. Slap dash?! It looks blimming fantastic to me! And you make it look so easy. I love it, the colours are great and I really like the little tabs that are holding the handles in place, they finish it off really well. The fabric is gorgeous and I love anything grey. (Well, nearly anything.)
    A lovely distraction, I wish I could have distractions like that!

  3. If you just whipped that up I love to see what you could do with planing. It looks lovely, I really like the handles. The new photo of your quilt on the line is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

  4. Oh wow, its absolutly gorgeous, what a great idea to combine quilting with crochet,, it worked a treat.
    Brilliant x

  5. That is really amazing. If this is slap dash, then your planned projects must be awesome. I love the fact that you combined quilting and crocheting. Just too cool!

  6. How about that Dad always used to say when he was doing the baking the quicker you do it the better it is! Seems my Dad's motto works for you too because if you've just pulled this bag together in a flash well...its a miracle because it's wonderful You have a sewing machine of course which I haven't ....when will this man (Sr P) get the hint!!! OK having a little rant...perhaps if I show him a pic of your bag the penny will drop!

    Seriously impressed!

    Amanda :-)

  7. Very lovely! I wish I could whip up something that nice!

  8. this is so cute. i love the gray yarn and the fabric inside...
    laura :)

  9. Hello, I found you over at 'Simplify' and was immediately attracted by the thumbnail of your charcoal yarn. What a very pretty bag and I love the lining. I have a pair of bag handles just ready and waiting for a new project so I think I will follow your lead!Have a good weekend.
    ps I've lost my scissors too!

  10. Geez - you're amazing! I love it so much!! Have a fab week hon - can't wait to see what you whip up next!

  11. Squeee! Wow, this is fantastic. Now I want one of those, too...I'm never going to get anything done. :)

  12. Hi Lynne, I can't seem to do the reply by email thing so I'll reply on here instead! Yes, I am doing the patchwork by hand, I wouldn't know where to start on the sewing machine and that's why I left it so long. There's not that much of it really and I'm enjoying it at the moment. I'm waiting for the next installment- Taking The Papers Out! I'm hoping it won't get too complicated with paddings and backings and bindings or I'll end up throwing it across the room and stamping on it.
    Thanks for your encouragement! I need all the help I can get!


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