Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend shenanigans

Here comes the weekend!  Or maybe you're already smack in the middle of it.  I plan on hanging out by the pool and finishing a few projects both in the garden and at the sewing machine.
Here's what I'm working on.......

I just received some new Malabrigo in the color eggplant.  I'm thinking a new shawl for the fall.
Fabric for the ol' stasheroo.  There was a small opening in my closet, about the same size as this pile.  Had to fill it.
There is a great CAL going on at Wise craft.   I may be secretly going along with this, but am not sure how committed I am at the moment.  I should  be committed .... to a loony bin for starting another project.
I will be back on Tuesday with a finish for my kitchen.  That way I can link up with Debbie's Tuesday at the Summer Table.  She is offering great prizes for a link-up winner at the end of the month.  Go see!


  1. I love your works in progress! I have to fill empty spots in a closet!

  2. I see you like to have several projects going on at one time too!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  3. yeah for stash additions! And I love that 'eggplant!'

  4. Lots of creativity going on here!! Love it all!! Have a fun weekend! xoxo Debbie

  5. your colour taste is spot on! :)

    lovely burnt oranges and yellows - reminds me of funky 60's wallpaper!


  6. Your crochet looks beautiful - love the colours. And a "shawl for the fall" in that lovely Malabrigo - definitely, yes!
    Jane x

  7. Love the cushions, really pretty. Lucky you being by the pool. No hope of that in the UK, it's rained non stop here for a week. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend. Ali x

  8. I love your colour combinations for the granny square cushion, really pretty. I think that's one of the things I enjoy most about crocheting granny squares, choosing the next colour and deciding if the colours look right together.
    Lucky you, sitting by the pool. We actually had our heating on one day last week. Only for an hour or so, but still, heating in June- it's scandalous! Then again, this is England!
    Oh yes, love those fabrics too, the blues and reds are gorgeous. It makes me wish I could sew when I see piles of fabric like this.
    Happy Sunday!

  9. Hello Lynne
    Like yourself I've crashed out bu the pool which was opened today because its just too hot to be bearable and I've started my Afghan throw with the very first square.I'm trying not to think how long its going to take me.
    I love that eggplant coloured yarn and it would indeed make a great shawl or wrap so I'll look forward to seeing what pattern you use. Personally I get very uppity when I see my yarn stash is low, now isn't that daft?

    Amanda :-)

  10. Fabulous yarns and fabrics as usual Lynne. I would love to see a photo of your stash cupboard, I bet it's gorgeous! I want to start a patchwork project myself, but time just keeps running away and I only just manage to crochet a few blanket squares each evening. I am sooooo jealous at the thought of you being able to sit outside and work by the pool, that sounds like a dream to me. Just like Missy said in her comment, we have had the heating on in June, can you believe it, in less than two weeks it will be Mid Summer! Enjoy your lovely projects especially your Malabrigo.

    Daisy x

  11. I love the combinations Lynne, really gorgeous.
    A pool eh!!!!! way too lucky, mind you I've got one in my front garden now after all the rain, good ol Irish weather. When we were kids splashing around in them was a must :)
    Lol Karen x

  12. Love what your working on..I saw that you got an award from Beck:)

  13. "You had me at 'malabrigo'"
    I first saw it on a Dutch blog, the most electric green-blue (Solis). Then I went half mental trying to find a way to get in to South the end finding a shop in Ireland that stocks it, and lucklily luckily my sis was going to Dublin in a few days, so she could get it and bring it with her on her holiday to SA.
    That was April,I'm wearing a gorgeous green scarve now :-)
    So...I like that eggplant as well! And your new stock.

  14. Hi Lynne...

    I just found your blog by clicking over from Making it Vintage.. Love, love, love the pics of all of your projects!!

    I also really liked your welcome: "I've never met a piece of fabric, yarn, floss, ribbon, lace or cake that I didn't like." I'm the same way!! You can never have too much of a stash... Once you have it it's like shopping right at home!

    I hope you'll pop by for a visit one day...



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