Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tarragon and Towels

The heat has been turned up here in California, and that means BBQ and pool weather (Sorry all you UK peeps.  I wish I could send you some sun!).  Also lighter and cooler meals from the kitchen.  I had some leftover BBQ chicken and made one of my favorite salads for lunch.
Here's what you need....
Chopped cooked chicken
red or green grapes, sliced in half
celery, chopped
salt and pepper

Mix all of the above to your taste.  Don't skip the tarragon!!  It really adds a lot to this dish.
 I sprinkled my salad with a few sliced almonds, and served on red leaf lettuce. 
I was first served this at a business luncheon years ago (seems another lifetime now), and remember thinking, chicken and grapes? Am I going to want fruit and chicken in my mouth together at the same time?
 It was really good!
Since then I have found a similar recipe in Barefoot Contessa at Home.  There are a lot of other delicious salads in this book as well.

Okay, onto the sewing.  Hexies that is.  Seems I can't stop making these cute little guys, but haven't really gathered enough for a quilt, because I keep sticking them onto things.   Like dishtowels.
These striped dishtowels have been hanging out in my stash for a couple of years now.  I bought them on sale thinking someday I would embellish them with applique or embroidery.  Well, finally!!!

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  1. Yummy looking salad, will def give that recipe a try!!
    Love the tea towels, the hexies are such a nice touch
    Lol Karen x

  2. Oh how I wish you could send us some sun! I have the central heating on here at the moment, it's that cold. Even for England that's bad, central heating on in June! And I live in the South, where by rights it should be warmer.
    Your salad looks delicious, very summery. I might give that a bash when we get a bit of summer.
    Like your tea towels. One day I will dig out all the tea towels I have bought and 'saved' because they are too nice to use and I might make something out of them... I found some the other day I forgot I'd bought. I think it might be an illness.
    You keep right on enjoying your nice weather while we sit here freezing, making blankets and dreaming about the day it's warm enough to eat salad for dinner!

  3. Your tea towels are so cute! I have a "thing" for tea towels! Love the colors!

  4. What a sweet way to use hexies! I have tried to make my own chicken salad in the past and have never been very happy with it. Perhaps it was the tarragon I was missing! Thanks for the tip, my friend ;-)

  5. The tea towels are fantastic, such lovely colours. Are you going to be able to use them though or have to save them for special occasions?! I have had that chicken salad before aswell and I though exactly the same as you but it really is delicious. Must dig out the recipe. BTW, we got glorious sunshine and blue skies today so thanks for passing it on! xx

  6. oh I love a good chicken salad! Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking up! Your hexies are inspiring btw!

  7. Those are perfect! Just what the towels have been waiting for. And now I want chicken and grapes together...

  8. Matratzenbezug24.deJune 13, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Thanks for sharing your views .I loved this collection.Best The tea towel are not only useful for tea table also we can use it for another purpose.

  9. Hi Lynne, I've never thought of embellishing tea towels, what a fab idea and a great way to use up all those fabric scraps(I have some pretty flowery tea towels I'm hoping to turn into kitchen curtains, patchworks style...............one of my fave quick lunches is cooked cold chicken mixed with pasta, chopped apple and grapes, and a little drop of mayo or Heinz salad cream........of course our weather here at the mo is more suited to hot stews and soups, lol.

    Enjoy the sunshine, lily x

  10. I like to collect towels for my house. It reflects ones choice and love for bedsheets. very attractive and every one want to purchase them.

  11. Hello from wintry England! I love all your crafty makes especially the ripple blanket. The colours look so much brighter in your climate :)

  12. These teatowels are so beautiul - very inspiring :) I think we should all make one in honour of you!


  13. love your tea towels! Would you mind if I pinned one of your photos on Pinterest? No worries if you'd prefer I didn't! (still wet and cold here in the UK...)


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