Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Warrior

This weekend, I took a break from this.....
And did a little of this....
And watched some of this. Go 49r's!!!!
There was a big platter of bacon wrapped shrimp and hot wings too, but it was gone before I could "stage" a nice photo. It's o k though, because I also ate too much of it, and if I had to look at it again, I might get sick.
My girls came by, and we lounged around in our sweatpants watching TV and drinking lemon drops.
And just so you don't think I'm a total lemon drop drinking, football watching, sweatpants wearing sloth, here's what I did earlier that day.
We have been enjoying beautiful weather.  The bright sun and blue sky are glorious, and make for interesting winter shadows.
There have been some mountain lion sitings in the area, so my sister and I made sure to make lots of noise crossing the savanna.  We are pretty noisy anyway, so it wasn't hard to do.
Valley oaks.  So majestic and old.
I wonder what the pioneers thought when they came over the Sierra mountain range and into this valley?  In the spring it would have been carpeted with wildflowers and native grasses.  Now it has been scraped dry in the name of progress, with only a few Nature Preserves left, like this one, where you can enjoy the natural surroundings.
I tried to get better pictures of these ducks, but they were feeding, so all I kept getting were pictures of duck butts.
Anyway, hope you are enjoying the weekend too!  A special thank you to Kristen at Cozy Things, for passing on the Liebster Award to me!  I have been a fan of hers back before I was a proper follower, and her blog never disappoints!  I will be back at a later post to pass it on to someone else. (Blogger won't let me make a link!!!!Sorry)


  1. Lemon Drop drinking sounds pretty darn good to me!! So sorry you are going to be BFF with your seam ripper. I feel your pain :)

  2. Hi Lynne,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have passed on the Leibster Blog Award to you, please feel free to ignore or share the love!
    Sandra x

  3. Hello. Love your blog. You are in Central Coast of CA? My sis in law is in Santa Maria. Love it up there!!


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