Sunday, January 8, 2012

Internet hangover

 I'm still amazed at how one can get on the Internet, find a pattern, buy it on etsy, learn by tutorial on a blog, make it, blog about it, and pin it on Pinterest, within 48 hours.  Whew!  Last night I was on my laptop till almost midnight, looking through blogs and Pinterest.  I was really tired, but it was like being a kid again, not wanting to go to bed because you're having fun with your toys, and you might just miss something.  There is always so much to see, so many talented bloggers.  Talk about sensory overload!  This morning I felt hungover, (I really must be getting old if I can feel hungover without drinking) but eager to get to my sewing room.  Here are a couple of patterns I found.
241 Tote pattern by Anna Graham
This is a great pattern.  It has another pocket option with zippers, but I went with this one.

It came together without a hitch.  The instructions were clear and well written, the planets were aligned and I had coffee (always good for a hangover).   I also learned how to put in a magnetic snap (easy), and cut into my new owl linen.

Then I found some cute little business card/gift card holders on Pinterest with a link to this blog and tutorial.  I love these!  I wish I could have made some this Christmas, but next year I will be ready, because I made a few. . . .
And one more.......

I don't remember hangovers being this fun.


  1. Beautiful bag, and I like the matching card holder you made to got with it.

  2. Dear Lynee, Thank you for sharing the blog. I can learn by helping of tutorials from this blog. And also cardholders and bag is so beautiful. Thank you very much..

  3. What a sweet bag! I envy your sewing skills, not a skill i've acquired as yet.
    I'll look forward to seeing more of your creations,
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those are both fantastic! Definitely worth a hangover.

  5. The bag is so cute! I love the owl pattern and the contrast of the yellow fabric!

  6. Wow Lynne the bag turned out amazing, looks even better than the online pattern, love the lil card holders also, perfect as gifts.
    Have a lovely week sewing
    Lol Karen x

  7. Wow you have been busy! You're so clever - your bag is stunning!

  8. Those little gift card holders are the cutest thing! Maybe even I could tackle this simple project... Happy weekend. :)

  9. Gorgeous bag, I found this bag pattern on pinterest too - haven't bought the pattern yet but it's on my list! At least I finally have a sewing machine! I'm now off to check out your links for those cute card holders - thank you!
    Sandra x


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