Thursday, January 5, 2012

Scraptastic New Year

I am so happy to be back at my sewing machine again!  Since I learned how to crochet last year, I've barely turned on my machine, and only entered into the sewing room for more yarn and a different size hook.  It's been so fun, making scarves and blankets, playing with different fibers, but it's time to spread the quilting love again.  Especially since I went through all my fabric, and reorganized my room.  Oh boy.  Do I have fabric.  And bags of scraps.  It's almost overwhelming!  So I'm going to start the new year with a scrap quilt.  This one is from Susan Beal.  It's called Modern Crosses.
It's made up of 4 small log cabin blocks sewn together to make this cross block.  Her instructions use a chain piecing method that sews up quickly.  I love log cabin blocks.  They are the Granny square of quilting!  However, the pattern only calls for one 2x35 inch of printed fabric for each block.  At that rate I will never get through my stash!  So a quick search around some of my favorite blogs revealed 2 scrap quilt-a-longs.  Check out the sparkle quilt at Oh Fransson! (I love this idea of "nesting" the stars together), and a postage stamp quilt (always wanted to make one of these) at Pleasant Home.   Both look equally fun, and use up gobs of scraps.  I don't know that I will "quilt along" at this time, but they are bookmarked for the future.And just so you don't think I've given up the hook, here are two scarves I finished over the holidays. . .
This is the Queen Anne's lace scarf on Ravelry.  I have been wearing it with everything.  The pattern was fun, and I liked it so much I made another one in cream (Berroco Vintage).
Oh yeah, and I started another blanket.
Quilting?  What?


  1. Dear Lynee your patchwork seems very beautiful. I know quilting is a very hard work. I tried quilting several times. My patchworks are not so good but not so bad. They must be very simetric and it is very hard to make this. yours is very smooth and regular. Very successful. All best wishes..

  2. A granny square blanket for the new year! How can one resist. It's looking quite lovely so far. Wishing you a very happy new year Lynn. :)

  3. I love it! All of it. I can't wait to see the cross quilt finished--scrappy quilts are so wonderful. :)

  4. What fun to see all of these projects!

  5. I am smiling now I have read your post! Joyful, peaceful and creative new year to you, dear Lynne. Both your log cabin and crochet creations are stunning. Perhaps you could pop over to France and teach me how to do both? ;-)


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