Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not sew pieceful

I'm still working away on my scrappy Modern Crosses quilt.  There should be more to show, but I ran into a little snag, called my brain.
As I mentioned before, these blocks are strip pieced.  Sew your blocks to a strip, cut apart, press and sew onto the next strip.  Easy.  Right.   I had about 10 blocks completed.   I was on a roll.  It was like driving on the Autobahn.  Foot pedal to the floor , my Husqvarna purring like a Maserati, I was just starting a new group of 17, had them pressed and ready for the next strip.  They looked like this.
One print, and two white ones.  Except there's a slight problem.  It should look like this.....
One white, and two prints. Aaaaaaagh!  64 of them wrong!  All sewn to the white strip, not the print. Way. To Go. Lynne.  Meet my new best friend......
I turned off my sports car sewing machine, unplugged the iron and left the room.  Back to that later. 

O k, let's look at something fun now.  I just found this when I was going through my crap scrap bins.  It was a Christmas present from a couple years back.
It's a Moda Bakeshop sampler of 12 different fabric lines.  In cute little 2.5 inch charm packs!!
Finding it was like getting a present all over again!
Should I sew them together like a postage stamp quilt?  Or use one of the patterns from the book
that came with it?
They look so pretty nestled in their little box, I almost hate to take them apart.  I think that's why I never made anything with them.  Maybe this is the year.  Or maybe I'll just stare at them a while longer.


  1. Bummer about the incorrect piecing - HATE that! But boy does that box of charms look fun!! Have fun, girl!

  2. Oh no! How annoying!That is a moment when you leave the room (like you did...) bang your head to the wall, go for a looooong walk wondering "What is wrong with me?". We all make mistakes, right (I keep telling my kids that it is ok to make mistakes but they usually storm off in tears angry like bees - with all right I guess...) but to make 64 of them!!! Oh babe, I feel for you right now. Good luck with Miss Ripper...

    And lucky you finding that box with 2 1/2 inch beauties!!! Pin wheels... Or triangles with solids. Or 9 patch with whites. I definitely think mixing it up with some type of solid color will do them justice. Which one to start with? Making what? Pillow case, big quilt, wall hanging. Or maybe make a mix max quilt with different blocks, two of each block in a mirror kinda way. How fun! I guess there is a silver lining in every day, no matter how bad they start out sometimes. :D

  3. Aw, maaaan! Well, as my boy would say, "Good thing you like to sew, right?" I might be tempted to set the 64 mistakes aside, for a future "reverse" quilt and just start over. Meanwhile, the charm pack! Oh, the possibilities...what about a double Irish chain? Have fun deciding!

  4. Oh I've done that, I think it's quilters dyslexia. I love the charm pack, I wonder if it'll be a collectors item in years to come.


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