Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maybe next year

Do you love this?  Me too!!!  I only wish I had seen it in September or October when I would have had a chance at making my own.   Christmas is creeping up, and unless I want to pay Anthropologie prices, I don't foresee these beauties under my tree or on my mantle anytime soon. 
 Crochet Christmas tree skirt and wool bunting.  For next year!!!


  1. Wow I adore that tree skirt! I will have to put that on my 2012 list too!

    Have a fab week.

  2. I absolutely love that bunting. Are you making many gifts for Christmas this year?

    Have a beautiful week. We are finally getting some weather worthy of being called winter weather; driving rain, wild winds. It's pretty cosy indoors!


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