Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas rush hour

Are you enjoying these last few days before Christmas?  The Christmas music, the cocoa, cookies, wrapping presents, decorations......ahhhh it is soooo fun!!  My crochet hook is running at warp speed as I finish up my projects.
Among the avalanche of boxes arriving daily (I did a lot of online shopping this year), I managed to sneak something in for myself.  I ordered this basket and Paton's canadiana acrylic yarn in a million juicy colors (well maybe only 14 colors), from Joann's.  The basket is only sold online.  It has a cute green and white cotton liner and it's on wheels.(As I write this post, they now offer it in white with a blue liner...aaaagh, I like that one more!)  My daughter laughed at me as I wheeled my yarn around the house.  Hey-I like my yarn OK?
I'm test driving a little block found here.  I don't know what they will be yet, just enjoying the colors and quickness of it all.

Also made a snowflake garland from this blog. Very easy and cute! Nice blog too!
The big snowflake in the middle is from Attic 24.  I'm still working on the giant granny blanket for my son.  Only six more rounds and a border to go.  But today I have to put down the hook  in order to clean house and wrap a sleigh load of presents.  The music is on and I am home by myself sipping tea and looking through cookbooks.  Oh, Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way..........


  1. Sounds like the PERFECT day to me!!! And I ♥ that basket!!!!

  2. So much fun stuff going on in your world! Loving the links you shared. Thank you!

  3. Oh my goodness. I love your basket!! :o) And I giggled at the thought of wheeling my yarn around the house! :o) Too cute! Your crochet is beautiful. I adore your white snow flakes! I have yet to learn too many patterns, but really wanting to. :o)
    Have a wonderful weekend. Sincerely, Trish


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!