Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Magic

Magical thrifty find:
Seriously this was $1.50 at the Goodwill Thrift shop.  Why would anyone want to get rid of this cute little pillow of Christmasness?  I feel like I rescued something from The Island of Misfit Toys.

Magical Photo Op:
We finished decorating the Giant Sequoia Redwood Christmas tree and when I took pictures afterwards the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the window above.  Actually it was the moon, but I like the star thing better (goosebumps, like when I'm listening to Josh sing Ave Maria).


  1. "Star of Bethlehem" sounds perfect, and the tree looks realy good!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing. They definitely chose the right tree. I suggest you leave it to them to choose every year, you can put your feet up and drink coffee whilst they're out! Maybe you could do that when they take it down too??! xx

  3. This picture is amazing! How perfectly timed. Your tree is beautiful. And the pillow is such a steal! I can't believe the things I find when I am thrifting. How do people decide to part with such wonderful treasures I will never know.

  4. What a fabulous tree its amazing and looks so festive all decorated up x


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