Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Breakfast and a quilting update

This morning I made a Dutch Baby, courtesy of Angry Chicken. 
I added my own spin on this puffy pancake, by sauteing some chopped apples in butter and cinnamon before pouring in the batter.  It bakes in the oven for about 20 minutes, just enough time to make some bacon.
Oh yummy, and super easy.  I ate too much then I felt like this.....
I bet you didn't know I decorate with doggie gargoyles.  Really he is so ugly you gotta love him.  OK on to fabric.  I pulled out two quilts from last year that never got finished because the I just ran out of time somewhere around Thanksgiving( gee, kinda like this year).  Hopefully I can get these quilted soon.  I would hate for them to be stuffed back in the cupboard for another year.  One was for fall...
And this is a Christmas quilt with minkee in the borders and a flannel backing.
I also want to show you what I bought with my gift certificate from Green Fairy Quilts. 
Complete fat quarter bundle of Daisy Cottage by Riley Blake.  This is going to make a really cute quilt.  Almost as cute as this...
Better?  My "granny wears linen" blanket is almost done.  I should be posting about it in a few days.  Other than quilting those two blankets, I don't know if I'm going to start any new big projects between now and Christmas.  Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we are hosting dinner here.  My panties are already in a knot, even though I still have plenty of time.  I think.
Are you hosting this year? Just a quiet dinner with immediate family or a big blow out (like us).  Or do you go to grandmas house?  We used to cook two turkeys, one on the barbecue, and one in the oven, usually soaked in brine first.  But now I'm back to one giant stuffed bird in the oven.  We also have to make it buffet style, because we just can't get 16 to 18 people around a table.  I usually serve one specialty cocktail, along with beer and wine.  Last year it was chocolate espresso martinis. Yes. They were amazing.  I'm having a hard time choosing this year.  Anyone have a good holiday cocktail recipe?  I would love to hear your Thanksgiving plans!


  1. Your "doggie gargoyle" is cracking me up! How awesome is he? Dutch Baby's are yummy. The first one I ever made ended up mushy, but after that I really liked their soft, fluffy texture (once I started cooking them longer).

  2. Look at Chewy!! He's such a little mountain goat.
    PS That dutch baby looks amazeballs.


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