Sunday, November 27, 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Thought I'd share a few pictures of what a California central valley White Christmas looks like.
Sometimes it can stay like this for days and days.  It's damp and chilly and the tree branches drip all day like a runny nose. We just wait for a storm to come in and blow it all away.  But it's cozy inside with a fire and some cocoa.  Perfect time for some crochet or sewing.
This is Tea Scarf by Pixeldiva.  You can also find it on Ravelry.  I've made this before with acrylic, but I really like it better out of wool (Paton's).  The red is Cotton Ease.  If you make it, use a larger hook size for the starting chain so it won't curve.  I also crocheted into the back loop of my starting chain for row one, so there is a good stitch to work into when you come around to make the ruffle.  I added the red in single crochet, before I started the ruffle.  I'm thinking of another one in this colorway.
I also started this scarf from the book Cute and Easy Crochet.  I'm loving the puffy chunkiness of it!! If you buy this book, keep in mind it is written in UK terms.
And I finally decided what to make with my Hope Valley fabric that has been in my closet for a year.
 I bought the Swoon pattern from Camille Roskelley.  Go take a look at these big beautiful 24" blocks and tell me you wouldn't love this quilt!  It measures 80"x80" and you need 4 1/4 yards white fabric just for the front.  It's going to be a doozy!!


  1. Ah! I now totally head over heals fell in love with your tea scarf. Grey and red - right up my alley. Another item to put to my to do list. It is stunning!

  2. I did swoon, yes! That quilt is beautiful, I can tell your Hope Valley version will be spectacular. It's got some set-in triangles, right? Woo, spooky.

    I love your dreamy, foggy weather. Very cozy. :)


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