Sunday, November 20, 2011

L is for Liam

Liam isn't here yet.  We are all waiting with excitement for his arrival, especially his big brother Logan. 
The baby shower is today, and while I had bought my niece the diaper bag she picked out, I also wanted to add something handmade.  So on Friday I whipped up a little quilt (31x36) out of leftover DS fabric.
Hope the boys don't end up fighting over this since their names each begin with "L". Ha Ha , did Auntie Lynne just start something?
The backing is a  nice soft flannel from Joann's. They had a whole wall of new flannels with many colors and designs to choose from.  This was a lucky match.  It washed up great, and now it's wrapped and ready to go.  I might make a bigger version for me next time. " L" is for Lynne too!


  1. I love how quick and cute this quilt whipped together! You are so talented! Liam is one lucky fella. ;-)

  2. Anyone who manages to rustle up a baby quilt this fast has my upmost respect!

    A baby boy arriving in the family? How blessed you are. Relish the moments.

    Happy Thanksgiving to your family.

  3. Lovely little quilt for a cute little boy coming to this world soon.:D The navy blue edging really does the trick. Very nice chosen colors and fabric. I really like the floral one on a turquoise background. Pretty!


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