Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Granny wears linen

You never know what will inspire you when browsing through all the fantastic blogs out there.  For my blanket, I first spied this over at Suz Place.   You could sit for hours and look through all her pretty crochet.  Then I found this post and I was smitten.  I love linen.  And that just happened to be the name of the color I used for this afghan.

It's funny though, depending on the light, this color can look dingy, like a thumb sucking 3 year old has dragged it around forever, and you have to carefully pry it from their tight little fist while they are sleeping so it can be washed.

Or the colorful little grannies with their white centers can sparkle like Edward when he steps into the sunlit meadow with Bella (You will only get that if you have seen or read Twilight)

Either way I like it, right down to the cute little pink edging.  It's made entirely from my stash of Vanna's acrylic, with a J hook, so it came out nice and thick, and warm too!  Time to pick out the next project :)


  1. Be still my heart! It is a beauty and your writing is a pleasure too. I have just completed my first shawl and I cannot wait to commence the next.... choosing the colours is such a joy, don't you think?

    A lovely post.

  2. Your blanket is so pretty. I love granny squares and yours is done so beautifully!

  3. It turned out soooo pretty! Well done!

  4. It's perfect! I love the linen and the sparkly Edward centers and the awesome pink edge, too. Well done!

  5. It's fantastic. I love a crochet blanket edged in linen. Oooh, exciting, new crochet project! xx

  6. Hi, your granny looks absolutly stunning, hughs Anja

  7. Stunning. Timeless. Classy. Me likey. You will never ever get bored of this one. It will live forever!

  8. Hi dear friend Lynne,
    I found your very nice blog when I was looking for crochet patterns. I joined you and now I am your follower. Your all things you ve made are so so beautiful. Expecially this blanket is wonderful..
    Best wishes..


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