Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rain, rain go away!

We had rain here all last week, right up until Monday the 6th. Unheard of! The temps are usually in the 80's which we will finally hit today. So I've been told.  We will see. In the meantime while the rain was coming down and I couldn't get outside to do yard work, I began watching a mini series from BBC called Cranford.  I'm not a big t v watcher, but I love a good mini series.  Pillars of the Earth was awesome, and now Camelot is just concluding next week (although Camelot was a bit disappointing.  Love the cast.  The story line, not so much)  So far Cranford has pulled me right in to their lovely little English town and I am delighted.
 Making slow progress on my Nate's quilt. I'm only completing a couple blocks a day. I need 36 blocks so, its going to be awhile.
We are preparing for a graduation party here this weekend! Really busy planting flowers, cleaning up the patio and barbeque and shopping for food and decorations. Our middle daughter has graduated from UC Davis! Yay Renee! Also our nephew Andrew is graduating from UCLA.  Good luck Renee and Andrew. We are so proud of you!

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