Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hooky roll up and a new book

Crochet + quilting= get 'er done!
Since adding crochet to the list of must do projects my quilting has definitely taken a backseat.  Now I have a yarn stash! Jeez.  And it seems a crochet hook stash.  Six months ago I didn't even own a crochet hook.  How does this happen?  So as not to totally neglect my sewing machine,  I decided to make a roll up for my hooks.  The pattern is based on the knitting needle case in this book by Malka  Dubrawsky.   It was fun and quick and used up tiny scraps - love that!
There are lots of other great patterns in her book, including round patchwork coasters, pillows, a tote, scarves, and beautiful quilts including a wall hanging called "Nate's Quilt",  for which I ordered this fabric...

Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. Mmmmm. Yummy.  Springy, summery color!!  Can I drop the crochet hook long enough to start a new quilting project?  Stay tuned.....

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