Monday, June 27, 2011

Quilt Pattern re-do

I decided to organize and sort through all my quilt pattern books the other day.  This is just the paperbacks.  The hardcovers are on a shelf in the sewing room. While this stack won't put me on an episode of "Hoarders", I still feel a wee bit piggy when I look at it.

I have NOT made something out of all of these books, but I have enjoyed looking through each and every one of them.  So in order to combat some of the guilt which goes along with such a big stack, I decided to see what pattern could be made new again.  Some of these books are old, and my taste has changed over the years, but maybe with some of the new more modern fabrics. . . . .
Here is an old favorite.  The patterns are kind of country/primitive, the colors on the earthy side.  I made a wall hanging from this book with wool applique and patchwork.  I still hang it in my entrance way in the winter months.  It's packed away for the summer, or I'd show you a picture.  There is a small table runner, however, that I always wanted to make.  Here is a picture from the book.
Lots of brown. Don't want to go there any more, although I have a fondness for birds. Bring on the color!

Much better!
And the back. . .
 Used up some scraps too!  Patchwork, machine applique with a buttonhole stitch, and a tiny bit of embroidery on the crows legs.  A little bit of everything.  I feel better.  Don't throw those books away!


  1. So, so cute. The colors really bring it up to date! And I see your Pier 1 bird plates behind. Great job! You are a born blogger!

  2. Cute table runner! Happy little crows, so bright and cheery. I like the colors you chose,the pattern from the book looked dark and dreary compared to yours. Nice execution!

  3. Love your site! Creative, colourful, inspirational and easy to "picture" read. Good stuff! Congrats on a great gift expressed. Marion (Canada)


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