Sunday, August 2, 2015

Busy not sewing

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen last week.  In the garden too.  I'm trying to keep up with the weeding because it will mean less clean up come the end of Autumn.
This risotto recipe was delicious.  I added some zucchini and served it with a salad.  I will be making that again for sure.
I bought two nice bowls and a calico apron, (you know the kind that crisscross in the back?) during a thrift store shopping trip. I really like that blue bowl.
Then I made some granola, using a combination of this recipe and this one. I love to see that big jar sitting on the kitchen counter.
The pumpkins that sprouted from the compost pile are slowly ripening (there are 4 so far), and the cantaloupe are ridiculously sweet. 
The cherry tomatoes are plentiful, yet four feet away, my regular tomatoes are struggling.  The yellow and red peppers are doing great, but my jalapeno plant had exactly 3 peppers and looks like it's done.  That's gardening for ya.  You just never know.
I picked basil and sage, dried them in a 200 degree oven on cookie sheets then packed them into old glass spice jars.  Next week I'll dry rosemary, but not in the oven.  The last time I tried it, my oven and everything I cooked in it afterwards reeked of rosemary for at least a week.  It put me off of using rosemary for a while.  
I'm slowly quilting a small basket quilt and made a few pink blocks (more on that later) for my next scrap quilt, but I just haven't been in the sewing room much at all.  I felt like I needed break, so I'm just going with it.  Hopefully I'll get back into some sort of rhythm here soon.
It's August!  Fall is right around the corner.  Yippee! I can't wait :)


  1. Great thrifting! Both the bowls are wonderful! Gardening and cooking seem perfect pastimes away from the sewing room...

  2. Love the bowl, I am coming over for dinner next time you make that risotto, yum!

  3. It's good to have a break from crafting, it makes you more enthusiastic when you go back to it. And you've still been very busy in the meantime. The fabric of the apron is very pretty.

  4. Oooh, lots of nice little tidbits in this blog post. Love the risotto recipe - maybe I will try it with pasta. Beautiful pink and white blocks. Love the little froggy. All your pics made me long to be home puttering, but alas, I must be at work.

  5. Even when you're not sewing, you're sewing, ha! I love that. The risotto looks delish--I'll be over at seven for dinner. ;)

  6. I like the way you find your rythm. Why get yourself into hektic, when it is time for a break just take it. Thats the way we should all do it.

  7. Delicious looking post ; ) don't you just love volunteer plants? They produce the best I think. Enjoy your scrappy stitching!


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