Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hanging with the Dogs

The Dog Days of Summer are here.  The forecast is calling for 4 straight days of over 100 degrees, and I wish I owned a shady cabin next to a creek, high above this hot valley up in the mountains somewhere. Anywhere.  All I would need is some sewing and a coffee pot.  I could leave right now, stick my bare feet in that cool creek and not come back till October.  Instead I've got a wilting garden and brown grass and I'm so done with the pool chores (I know, I'm actually bitching about having a pool), because it's really too hot to swim, and the only one who goes in lately is the dog.   Blah.  Oh well, just turn on the AC and finish up some Hillside Houses.....
It's wall hanging size 30 x 37, and the free pattern is from prettylittlequilts blog.  I used some of my American Made fat quarters and added a few Kaffe Fasset shot cottons.  I love the backing fabric.  It's a Moda (?) bird panel that I've had for years but never found a use for it.  It shares a lot of similar colors with the house blocks.

My next scrap quilt will be made up of a lot of half square triangles.  I love this block, but hate bending over the table squaring them up.  So I ordered the Quilt in a Day HST ruler and people, trimming these babies just got a whole lot easier.   Wish I 'd bought one long ago.

So yeah, just me and the dogs next week, staying inside, sewing and crocheting while the yard burns.
When I told my daughter I didn't really like summer, she said "Mom you like summer.  You just don't like it here"  Amen.


  1. I love your quilts!! This latest is such a great quilt and the backing is perfect! I used to do a bit of quilting long time ago you have got me thinking I should start up again. I hear you about the heat. I'm done. I woke up at 3 and we were finally getting some rain I was so excited I got up and looked out the window and sat outside. Today it was a high of 26 kinda chilly!! Hope you get a bit cooler soon too!

  2. I like summer, but I don´t like the heat. When it gets hot I like to be in the pool, but we don´t have temperarutes as high as you do, and we do not have air conditions either. I open the windows in the early morning to let the cool air get inside.
    Your houses quilt is soo nice! Now I wish I had sewn the blocks along with you! It is defenitely a to-do project on my list.
    And I like your new pink blocks, will this make your new "colour" project?

  3. The houses wall hanging is gorgeous. I don't like the heat either. I hope that sewing and crocheting will distract you enough to forget how uncomfortable it is

  4. Absolutely gorgeous quilt. Enjoy your weather, it is freezing cold and raining here in England. x

  5. It is raining like crazy here, yet it is still so hot and humid I want to shoot myself. Can I come to the cabin with you?

  6. I love the HIllside Houses quilt! So cute. Looks like your next one will be very girly and pretty. Look at your sweet doggies! Aww!

  7. That quilt is so utterly charming, and the dogs! Oh my goodness! Look at them. I love that. I'm sorry about the scorching heat--it's 85 here today, and everybody thinks they're dying. Your cabin fantasy sounds lovely. :)

  8. Love your Hillside Houses! Really great finish. The tiny bit of print is a great touch.:) We finally got temps down in the 80's and 90's. So relieved!!

  9. Can I come with you to your cabin? Sounds perfect! I'm loving the houses quilt x

  10. I don't like the heat either, but after all the snow we had this winter here in NY, I'm enjoying the summer. Thank goodness for AC! Your quilt is absolutely perfect and I love the backing too. Can I ask what your secret is to getting your seams to match so perfectly? My pieces never match up quite right.

    1. Hi Susan! For me, cutting is the main thing. Sometimes even 1/8" can throw things off. I tend to cut just a little bigger, then trim down later (like for half square triangles) Also years ago I bought a 1/4" presser foot for my machine. It works great! You can also tape off 1/4" on the plate and line the fabric up with that. I press my pieces together before sewing, so they kind of "stick", and then press again after. I do this mostly for smaller pieces (like the houses). It took me 25 years of quilting to figure these things out, and mine still don't always match to my liking. Don't sweat it. As long as you're enjoying yourself!

  11. This turned out great!! Hope your summer is going good. I finally finished my houses too : )


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