Thursday, July 2, 2015

Little flag quilt

Every once in a while around the 4th of July, I itch to make something flag-ish. This little quilt was the inspiration, although I changed the block sizes to make them slightly bigger, and drew different birds.  I even tea dyed the white sashing, something I haven't done in years.  You can see in the photo below how the fabric darkened up a bit in the tea bath.  I soaked my quilt top in a big spaghetti pot filled with hot water and 6 black tea bags.  When it got dark enough for my liking I rinsed it under cool water and hung it on the clothesline to dry.
I took these pictures out by the garden, where the tomatoes are really starting to pop out.  I've been eating a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich almost every day this week.
Here's how I make it.
Lightly toast a thick piece of sourdough bread then spread on some mayonnaise.  Next add your just picked tomato slices, salt and pepper, and top with a few slices of your favorite cheese.  I'm really hooked on this one lately.  Put it back in the toaster oven (or under the broiler) for just a few minutes to get it all melty.  Pour some lemonade. If it's nice out, sit on the porch and devour it.  If it's 102 degrees (like yesterday), sit in the air conditioned kitchen.  It tastes good no matter where you eat it.
Almost every closeup I took had a fly on it.  Can you find it?
I ended up tying each flag corner with gold embroidery floss to finish it off.  You can see a few of them above where I was just starting.

Little quilt size 27 x 31 inches
Made with scraps
Backing fabric from French General


  1. The little flags are super cute x

  2. I really love your version of this little flag quilt. The flags really pop against the tea stained white sashing. Love the mix of florals, checks and stripes and your gold ties. And oh the french general backing, one of my faves. The tea stained effect makes it look like a much used and loved family quilt. Which I'm sure it will be. I've never been particularly drawn to flag quilts. But your quilt has inspired me. I have a dear friend who loves all things America and red, white and blue. I've thought of making her a flag quilt but just never found anything that inspired me. I think this one will become a little throw for my friend. It seems that every time I check out your blog there's a new quilt that I want to make. You're a great source of inspiration and I always look forward to a new post from you.

  3. Hey Lynne! Love your quilts, I'm just looking at some of your older posts, they are terrific ! There is nothing better than a fresh tomato sandwhich with cheese, yum. Our daughter can't wait till our tomatoes are ready to have the exact same sandwich.We have been as hot as you too, I guess we are all getting hot air up from Arizona? Have a good weekend!

  4. Such a simple block, they look fab together!

  5. Oh, your quilt is beautiful! I love the effect of the tea-dying, it really looks great with your other fabric choices :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  6. What a great version of this quilt! Very sweet mix of fabrics.:)

  7. Very nice, quilt and pictures! A friend asked me if I could tell her adresses of nice blogs, I will defenitely give her yours!


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