Tuesday, July 29, 2014


During the summer in California, the grasses get parched and dry, and most of the state takes on this golden color.  In some parts (like our central valley) the heat can be brutal.  This last weekend we topped over 100 degrees, several days in a row.  Sometimes living here, I feel I don't get to enjoy the summer at all.  It's just too hot.   I limit outdoor activities to early mornings and stay indoors in the air conditioner the rest of the day. When we talk about going on a vacation, I vote for Alaska each and every year.  Why on earth would you want to go on holiday somewhere else where it's hot?

Our air conditioner broke on Friday.  Today is Tuesday and we are still limping along.  I feel like an old damp dish rag at the end of the day.  I think the repair man has a handle on it (finally?), so we should be getting more comfortable in the next day or two.  At least the temps have dropped to 98/99 degrees, and some clouds have moved in.  A veritable cold front.
Since I apparently can't bear to touch yarn during a heatwave, I've switched to projects made out of cool cotton.
I finished my flowering snowball quilt top, part of the Molly Flanders quilt along.  I really loved this block.  I struggled made a few, then discovered glue basting curved seams, and the rest fell into place rather quickly.  As usual, the best part was picking the fabric out of my stash. You can find a you-tube video about glue basting here.
I really think I could have been more accurate had I sewed these by hand instead. So I started another project doing just that!

I bought 8 yards of blue flowered lightweight cotton at a quilt show over 10 years ago.  It's pretty old stuff since there are no markings in the selvage, and it's only 36 inches wide (most quilting cottons are 44/45 inches).  I'm tracing a cardboard diamond shaped template onto the fabric, cutting the pieces out with scissors, then hand sewing them together with needle and thread the old fashioned way.  You can make a whole quilt without a sewing machine, it just takes a little longer.  Anyway after I saw what Kristen made, I just had to take part in this slow quilting movement.
 Sitting on the couch, stitching away on my little cotton diamonds, watching the pile grow and flutter in the breeze of the fan, I'm barely moving, so I don't work up much of a sweat.  Win, win.

I kind of like the soft vintage-y low volume look, but I'm not sure .....

Maybe more contrast is needed.   Like this.....?
What do you think?  Whichever direction I take, I'm enjoying this like crazy.  Very cool.


  1. Good on you! I have done a tumbling blocks quilt but with EPP. I really love it. There is something so satisfying about basting fabric to paper. CUTE puppy in the previous post. Good to know the two of them can be friends.

  2. I like the first picture you took on the clothes line best, what a beautiful quilt top!
    And the diamond shaped piece you are working on looks good to me, for me it doesn´t need more contrast, I like the delicate looks of it.

  3. So very pretty, I know what you mean about summer time sounds a lot like Australia.

  4. Hi there
    I so know how you feel!! I don't want to take photos of the outside of my house as it looks totally miserable and sooo dry. We need a good storm and a couple of days of rain and then the sun can shine again. No Air-Con!!! phew!!!!
    Keep looking at those lovely quilts you've made that'll make you feel better :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. Love the flowering snowball, love the EPP, don't love the thought of that temp and no air co !!!!!! Hope it gets sorted soon

  6. I love them both--you knew I was going to say that--and the curvy one is beautiful, too. Love those teeny squares at the intersections. Don't melt! :)

  7. Wow everything is pretty parched where you live and I agree about Alaska, I would go there in a heart beat. Love your quilts Lynne, you are so talented.


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