Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mini fini

My pack patch mini QAL quilt is done.  I really enjoyed making this, meeting some nice people on flickr, picking through my scraps every week for my 2 blocks, and yes, even sewing 1" finished squares.
We had to select fabrics based on a theme for the week like city block/country block, or vintage block/modern block.  So each block was planned, and has meaning for the quilter.  Despite the variations, it all went together nicely in the end!  Thank you Chase, for hosting a fun QAL. 
I hand quilted around the blocks and didn't notice my pink marking line was visible until after the photos were up, so no, I did not quilt it with pink thread, that's just me not paying attention to detail. 

Miss Crazy stood guard and barked at the air while I took pictures.

I'm already onto the next project (they do tend to overlap don't they?), and this one is going to be something new for me.  I love trying out new things, especially if they turn out like what's in your head.............


  1. Lovely to know the background as well as to see a lovely quilt!

  2. hello Lynne
    Lots of quilt lovelies in this and your previous post. Makes me quite envious as I have no idea about quilt making. I wonder though if this is finally the summer I find time to start learning how. It has been in the back of my mind for ages!!!
    Beautiful Miss Crazy!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. It turned out super cute. I thought about joining in, but then......
    I love your miss Crazy ; )

  4. Miss Crazy is adorable, love your quilt.

  5. Gorgeous! You have a way with selecting fabrics that look good together Lynne, and i love the fact that you havent done the traditional 9 square blocks.
    Great choice of backing fabric too, and I love the quirky binding.
    A very different palette for the next one, and i like the pink and mustard yellows, all very mellow. Cant wait to see what you make with them!
    Gill xx

  6. Nothing beats an idea that works in real life, not just in your head. Such a gorgeous setting for your photos too.

  7. This little quilt is beautiful Lynne - all of your work is!

    I love the fabrics for your next project. Can't wait to see it.

    Have a great weekend...

  8. uuuuh, 1 inch blocks, I am impressed. I like your fabric choices a lot!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!