Thursday, July 24, 2014

A little brown

I haven't posted anything yarny in a while so here's a new shawl on the hook.  I don't know why I picked brown, but I felt the need to take a break from all the color that's been going on here lately.  Something neutral, to wear with jeans and boots and a white tee shirt for when the weather changes (which won't be for months, but that might be how long it takes to finish it).
Here's something else brown.....

Luna has a new friend!  I picked him up a few days ago, and he is settling in very quickly.  I'm relieved to say that he appears very happy and well adjusted.  We have all been taking turns playing and cuddling and passing him around like a new toy.  He's an 8 week old Boston Terrier.  I have been looking for one ever since we lost our funny little Chewy last year.  Name changes for this little guy pop up hourly, with suggestions like "Bacon"(who doesn't like bacon?) to "A glutton for punishment"(that from my oldest daughter who has inherited the sarcastic gene.  It's apparently passed down on the mother's side, plus she enjoys reminding me of Luna's antics these past eight months).
However, "Charlie Brown" is sticking.  Sometimes you just know.

The best part is....

The devil dog lovely Miss Luna has taken to him.  Brown is good.


  1. Brown is lovely - Charlie Brown seems a good name !

  2. How very cutie, I bet he is getting lots of love.

  3. Charlie Brown looks like he will fit in well with the family and Miss Luna. Brown is definitely good.

  4. Adorable! We pick up our new Boston on Sunday! Hope our other dogs get along as well as your two do. Charlie Brown is a fabulous name.

  5. OH MY LORD, he's soooooo cute!!! I'd love a good snuggle with him for a few minutes! I love this colors, and I think Charlie Brown is a good name. Luna looks so sweet just watching him play with the toy. I bet they will become good buddies. I'm happy for you and totally jealous! Lots of pictures please!

  6. Oh my goodness he is adorable and the very lovely Miss Luna is a beautiful big sister. how fun for all of you!

  7. oh brown is good indeed,,what a cutsie pie....xx

  8. That's the cutest dog I've ever seen! I think Charlie Brown is a great name, especially if, as the song goes, he's a clown too. Which it looks like he's gonna be. Congratulations! :)


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