Monday, April 7, 2014

Quilting love

I think the things I dislike about sewing are also the reasons I love to quilt.  Sounds quite fickle doesn't it?

I don't much like the measuring, cutting, pressing, trimming and measuring again.  Tedious and fiddly.
Matching points, (or not matching points), ripping out and re-sewing.  I'd rather play with fabric and colors and blocks, styles and themes, the design process.  But I guess you can't have one without the other can you?
So when it all comes together and you create something you love, well, then it's worth all the little  fiddly, tedious parts.

Hope you're all doing something you love this week!

edited to add: Bock pattern and tutorial here


  1. You do love to quilt, don't you? I know how you feel. I am the same about crochet. Even though I complain about how long something takes me to make, I wouldn't choose to do anything else.

  2. Ugh, I know! The cutting, ironing, and tweaking of matching seams - tedious is right! I love improv quilting, that's my schtick. Now, to just remember that when I think I want to tackle a fussy pattern! I LOVE your block, it's so pretty!

  3. What a gorgeous block!! Well done

  4. It's HSTs that I dislike, so I just avoid them if I can, but yours are looking fab!

  5. Gorgeous block!! I loathe cutting and measuring, point matching isn't my favourite thing to do either. I love sorting through the fabrics and playing with them and choosing designs, also I love to sew the binding on too.

  6. I think you quilters are so amazing.

  7. ooooh awesomeness Lynne. :) Doesn't it feel so good when you fly by the seat of your pants and you create something so unique and lovely? Carry on....penny x


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