Saturday, April 12, 2014


I'm just stalling with crochet pictures because I have nothing done to share.  Here's another blanket I started last week, but it's only going to be a small one because I've already moved on.  The block is really fun, and I just thought I'd make a few to try it out, (at first I was thinking, soft muted colors) but the next thing you know I had a pile of primary colored daisy squares begging to be a blanket.  It's at that stage where you have enough blocks that you should commit to it and do something with them, but not enough finished that you actually can.  So, eight more to go and a baby blanket it is.

I started quilting on my shoo fly quilt all the while dreaming about  Clam shell quilts and
giant Log Cabins. Anything but half square triangles.  The block from my last post was full of them and I only ended up making a grand total of 4.  I'm going to add some linen and turn them into place mats.
I'm realizing that not everything I make needs to be a full size something or other.  I usually have a "go big or go home" attitude when I begin a project, and maybe that's why I don't finish everything I start.  From now on if my quilt/crochet becomes boring, overwhelming or stuck, maybe I should stop right there, and see if it can become a smaller version of itself.

Totally unrelated, as part of my ongoing spring cleaning, I did a mini make-over in one of the downstairs bathrooms today.  It's mostly cosmetic, changing out towels and accessories.  I had to re-paint the dresser because the paint was chipping off in places and I never really liked it's yellowish color anyway.  Besides, the dog chewed one of the rugs. Sigh.


I'm thinking of adding a small quilted wall hanging, so I might have a dig through my stash and see what I can find for coordinating fabric.  In the meantime, it's clean and fresh and the dog better not get any more bright ideas.


  1. The bright colours will make a beautiful baby blanket, and you are so right. It is better to have a small finish than a large unfinished object! The redone bathroom looks nice, you have put a lot of work into it.
    And now have fun with whatever you want to do next, I like both projects you have in mind.

  2. I'm with you in that not everything has to be big and it is better to make something smaller and finished than have yet another UFO - unless you really do want it bigger so will come back to it later. Your new bathroom looks lovely. Its good to have a change around sometimes. Philipppa xx

  3. Hi Lynne, I am so behind, and had no idea I had missed so many of your posts. I believe I have now caught up. I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful black lab! What a handsome boy!
    Your bathroom looks so fresh and pretty...all spiffed up! Your daisy squares are great! They will make a pretty baby blanket. In quilting, I tend to favor the smaller projects these past few years. Wall hangings, lap quilts, etc. I have made several large quilts, but I am more interested in doing the quilting myself, so started to do smaller projects.
    And lastly...oh my goodness...your Nordic Shawl is lovely! I am wanting to make one too. I must get over to Annette's blog and buy the pattern.

  4. The granny square blanket looks lovely, and great job on the mini makeover too! I tend to start making blocks with no idea what size it will end up, and let the fabric tell me ( when it's all gone!) but stopping at something smaller is a good idea if you don't feel the love!

  5. Wow...great makeover of your bathroom! I think it made a big difference. Great job. Your baby blanket with the bright daisies is going to be cute. You can always add a really big border to smaller things too. If I tell myself it's the border, I seem to like doing it better! Ha. Mind games.

  6. Love your bathroom re-do and your lovely crochet squares. They would make a great pillow.

  7. I agree with Meredith! I was thinking pillow, too!
    Love your blanket- I think the bright colours work really well together.
    And dogs, eh? They have their own ideas about re-decorating, don't they?!
    Lovely bathroom, btw.
    Sarah xx

  8. Your colors on your baby blanket are wonderful. I love bright happy colors together. It will make some momma very happy, indeed. Your bathroom re-do looks awesome. Sometimes all it takes is a new rug, paint and a move about to make it feel like a new room.

  9. I love the crochet blanket, mini or otherwise. And I'm having bathroom envy now.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!