Thursday, April 17, 2014


Hi everyone!  Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Easter week.  I didn't do much decorating besides the obligatory wreath on the front door, fresh roses from my yard and what you see here.
We are going to my SILs house for lunch on Sunday with my husbands family, then to dinner at my niece's with my family.  I bought a new dress from here, anticipating a long hot day with lots of food and driving.   Running around in skinny jeans sounds like torture doesn't it?  Ugh, I just can't do it anymore, even too much jewelry makes me feel hot.  So wearing a tent dress with sandals is a comfy alternative (surprisingly, this dress is actually flattering, and the linen fabric feels good).

All three of my kids will be home and the pool is open for business. Fresh lemons from my sisters tree (mine all froze this year ) have been juiced for poolside lemon drops, the laundry is done, the groceries bought and put away. I have a manicure and pedicure scheduled for tomorrow(nothing says Spring like pretty painted toes!! ), so I'm ready for the Easter bunny.
Have a great weekend and I'll see you on the other side :)

Bunny embroidery pattern : free on Pinterest
Yo-yo puffs: rescued from a very old quilt bought at the flea market years ago
Roses: Alchemist climbing rose
Doily: Mandala from this pattern, and following final rounds from this blog


  1. You are going to have a wonderful day on Sunday and look cool as a cucumber in your new dress. I love dresses and skirts, shorts and tight pants are never fun.
    Hugs and Happy Easter.

  2. May the sun shine on you all this Easter. Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Easter. Philippa xx

  3. I like the way your doily matches the colour of your roses, and the stitchery on the kitchen towel (? too good to use) looks nice together with the yoyos.
    Happy Easter!

  4. I could go for a lemon drop by the pool right now! Sounds like a perfect Easter to me, right down to your pretty painted toenails.

  5. Far more decorating than I do!,! The tea towel is really cute x


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