Monday, March 11, 2013


You know that part in the movie Bambi, when all the animals start acting goofy because it's Spring, and the owl (I think) says they are all twitterpated?  That's me right now.
I want to clean up the garden, make a sunny lemon yellow quilt, hang bunting on the back porch, crochet a cotton blanket, plant hollyhocks and zinnias, and sip iced tea.  I'm in love with Spring.
 It's truly amazing what happens when the sun comes out.
  Unfortunately all I got done last week was a pot holder.  Oh, and I sewed some of my yo yo puffs together.  I really like this project.
My husband cut all the grass around the property yesterday, and it has stirred up the wildlife.  Our little kitty has graduated to adulthood by dropping off a half dead vole on the back porch.  Um. Thanks kitty.  The robins, scrub jays and mockingbirds are competing for nesting material, and the snails have come out of nowhere looking for the basil I usually plant. They like to leave me the stems.   
I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done this week, but the weather is glorious and my head is full of ideas. What a great combo.


  1. Those yo yo's look so cute hanging in the window. Such a cute idea that is.

  2. That sounds like a great week! One potholder is plenty. :)

  3. Twitterpated - love it! Wish you could send us some of your glorious Spring weather... we've had snow again today :-(
    Have a great week & hope you get lots of fun things done.

  4. Love the yo yo's, you always choose the best fabrics. What stitch did you use for the pot holder? It kind of looks like Tunisian crochet. We had one day of Spring last week where I sat outside and wound a skein of yarn into a ball. We are in minus figures here now and it's blowing a gale out there. I think we may have to wait a bit longer for Spring. Anyway, get planting that basil for the snails!! xx

  5. What darling little yo yo's : )

  6. I'm so glad to see how your potholder turned out! Thanks for posting the photos.

  7. Just found this l♥vely potholder, wow, that's great! Must keep this in mind for my next ones. Thanks for the link!


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