Thursday, March 21, 2013

A ride on the crazy train

Things have been crazy around here!  My husband is traveling quite a bit, so I am holding down the fort.  So far this week, we have had to repair two cars, the washing machine, dryer, and water softener system. Also tried to watch the Blue Ray version of the Hobbit last night, but the DVD player is not working.  Damn.  If anything else breaks down I'm just going to shoot it dead.
 My son has started the baseball season for his high school team, so there are lots of practices, games and washing of uniforms (you know, in the broken washing machine).  He is also senior class treasurer, and in Leadership, and because they are heading towards graduation, there are a million events, meetings, and frequent demonstrations of my mad skillz with a checkbook.  I am really looking forward to Spring break.   Also a few weeks back I was put on some high blood pressure medication that made me sick as a dog, so I kicked them (the pills, not the dogs) to the curb and put my estrogen patch back on and everything evened out and calmed down.  Good.  Calm is good.  I need more calm, so hold the caffeine and pass the yoga, the crochet hook, and hormone replacement therapy.
You still with me?
 I've been wanting to make a white cotton blanket for a while now, so I started one out of Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton in a blanket stitch.  I'm really surprised at how soft this yarn is!   So far 3 balls down, 8 to go.  It works up pretty quickly.  Also very soothing.  Same stitch over and over, no ends to weave in, except to change to a new ball.  Mindless.  Meditative.  Calm.  No crazy in sight.
I also made a Jelly Roll Race quilt, just to try it out (fun!) and I'm quilting it now.  More on this later. 
Despite all the above, this weekend is promising to be a good one.  Hope yours is too!

"All shall be well.  And all shall be well.
And all manner of things shall be well "

 Julian of Norwich
14th century English nun/mystic/hermit


  1. Sh... happens, but that means also it can only get better.
    Your crochet blanket looks beautiful, just keep on hooking and stay calm!

  2. Keep Calm and Crochet On!!
    Love your blanket! The solid color is so perfect for that stitch.

  3. The jelly roll quilts ARE fun aren't they? Enjoy

  4. Isnt crochet so relaxing? Your blanket is lovely. :0) Have a wonderful weekend and yes, two thumbs up for spring break. :0)

  5. Crochet and sewing - what a great combination of talents. I will look forward to following your adventures.

  6. Hey! I was in the seat beside you on the crazy train last weekend, but things are improving now. Love that blanket! Their yarn is THE best! Our local store hasn't had much new yarn since the start of the year, don't know what's going on with that! Good thing my stash is, ahem....large. Hope the train slows down soon!

  7. I hear ya, sister! Things have NOT been calm around here either the past couple of weeks. I'm so ready for things to settle down and return to my normal. I think today was the last day of crazy and things will be back to quiet now. Love the all-white blanket you have started. Don't you love that you have no ends to sew in? Just the fun stuff!

  8. I can so relate to all this. Sounds like your white cotton crochet project is just the deep breath you needed. :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!