Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This week I've been sorting through some old WIPs, and reorganizing a bit.  My Mother in law gave me another bag of goodies from her stash, and I have been integrating it into my stash.  Sigh.  I need to work faster.  Here are some yo-yo's I rescued from an old quilt, and a pretty embroidered towel found at a thrift store.

A very old crochet table runner from my MIL.

A quilt that I made 3 years ago is finally quilted.  Just sewing the binding on now.   I don't know what took me so darn long to finish.  I'm pretty sure the fabric is out of print.
Ta-Da picture coming later.

I'm going on a road trip to visit my daughter tomorrow.  I made her a little something for her apartment out of an old pink and white embroidered towel and some fabric scraps.  Slapped on one of those yo-yo's , and a silk ribbon for hanging.  I miss that girl.

Then I discovered a women's center in town. It's run by volunteers, and they teach quilting, knitting and crochet.  It's a nice space with cubbies full of yarn, tables set up with sewing machines, and ladies bent over their work, chatting away.   I ended up signing on for an art quilt class.   But more important, I can go in every Wednesday morning and Jan is going to help me with my knitting! 
Somehow I need to squeeze some knitting practice in between all the quilting and crocheting going on around here.
  I plan on checking out the yarn shops in the Monterey Bay area this weekend.  I've been itching to start a new crocheted blanket.  What are you guys working on?


  1. Those are some pretty goodies from your MIL. I wish I knew somebody that could teach me knitting. I just can't get into it on my own...I've tried a couple of times.

  2. Better to finish it now then not at all ; ) looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Have fun learning to knit and have a wonderful time with your daughter!!
    I am working on scrappy trippy, my schnibble and lots of etsy sewing. xoxo

  4. What fun goodies from your MIL! Congratulations on the quilt finish, and the nice little heart for your daughter. Enjoy your time together!

  5. OOh, love your crocheted tablerunner - lucky you having such a generous MIL!

  6. Lovely treasures! Have a wonderful visit with your girl, and I hope you score some excellent yarn in Monterey. :)

  7. Hurray for you, you are learning how to knit! Ans soon you will be able to make beautiful scarfs and shawls.
    I should rearrange my UFOs I bet I will find some things that I have forgotten all about.


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