Tuesday, February 26, 2013

For Liam

My niece's little boy, Liam, will be celebrating his one year old birthday in the hospital.  He was admitted 2 weeks ago with pneumonia, and 2 ear infections.  Today he is having surgery to scrape the gunk out of the lining in his lungs (pleurisy).  We have been getting daily updates through Facebook, and I feel so sorry for the little guy, sitting there in his crib full of tubes and wires.  Hopefully, he will be coming home sometime next week.
 I made a simple little cotton blanket for him based on this pattern and used up the odd leftover balls of Cotton Ease.  I stitched a few prayers in with the yarn.  Get better soon little baby boy!!!

Now if you need a good unexpected laugh, go check this out.  It's very short, but if you're like me you will play it over and over and then shamelessly send it to everyone you know.  I happen to like Taylor Swift, but this was too funny. 
Have a great week!


  1. That blankie will certainly keep him warm. Prayers send for little Liam!

    Have a wonderful day yourself!

  2. So sweet...what a good auntie you are! Love it. Don't you love that Cotton Ease? I do! Hope the poor little guy is better and can go home soon.

  3. That's a sweet blankie, made with love. I pray that little Liam will be all better, and up & about again really soon. Xx

  4. Ah poor lad!! sorry to hear the little chap is in hospital..... do hope he'll be out very soon. Lovely blanket vibrant with colour and that little bit extra that you have added which will surely embrace Liam in love and warmth.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Lynne, that is so sad about your nephew. Poor little fellow. I'm sure the new blankie will make him so happy. :)

  6. Poor little baby. Hope he gets well soon and can come home.


  7. Oh, poor Liam. Your beautiful gift will wrap him in love!!!
    xo Kris
    PS gonna go check out the link now.

  8. Lynne, I hope your nephew's health improves quickly. Poor little guy! I bet he'll love his blanket--something nice to cuddle with and into.

  9. Prayers and best wishes to little Liam. I hope he feels much better very soon. The blanket is just lovely Lynne. Philippa xx

  10. Aw. Having your lungs scraped is no way to have to spend your first birthday, poor little dude. Bet he'll love the comfy blankie, though, and it will help him feel better. Sending lots of love for healing from NY.


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