Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I must be trippin'

So the morning started out with the kitten puking on my windowsill in the sewing room.  While I ran for paper towel, she ran for the carpet, then the rug in the hallway,  depositing two more piles.  Honestly we live in a house that is covered in hundreds of square feet of hardwood floor, yet all of our animals manage to throw up on the carpeting most of the time.  Just thought I would share : )

 So after cleaning up, I'm here to give my two cents about the Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt everyone is making.  As you can see by my new header pic, I have succumbed to it's charms.
Soooo many people are making this, check out here and over here. Patchwork and Play called it a "Trip Trap".  Ha! I agree.  It's really fun and addicting, and I'm about halfway done, with 12 blocks completed so far.  I can't wait to see how everyone will be quilting this baby.  The tutorial can be found on Quiltville.

I finished this Liberty fabric quilt over the New Years holiday, but couldn't take a decent picture until the sun came out and the wind stopped blowing.

I really, really did not want to cut this fabric up into little pieces, so I used 14.5 in blocks, 3.5  x 14.5 inch lattice (Kona Bone) and 3.5 in. cornerstones made up of the floral scraps. This was a fat quarter bundle purchased during a Black Friday sale, and I'm so glad I bought it when I did, because now I can't find yardage anywhere.  Just need to get a backing, so I can finish it up.

I also started crocheting another scarf.  This one is Shell Infinity Scarf, first spied on Tangled Happy, then tracked to this blog.  I'm using Berocco Vintage in a dark charcoal grey color.
 I found it on the floor yesterday, in a tangled mess, with my yarn cut (chewed).  The kitten again.  She is making a new name for herself everyday, and most of them I can't print on my blog without a profanity warning.
 Also before I forget to mention it, Helloooo! to my new followers! Thank you for joining my blog :)
 I hope you all have a super crafty week!  Watch out for psycho kitties.
Lynne xxx


  1. That looks like a fun quilt to make, thanks for the link to the tutorial, and the other topp is very pretty too, you made a real good buy with these fabrics.

  2. Love your new header, and the scrappy trip and Liberty - ooohhh, nice! I made one scrappy trip block so far - if I only had more time!

  3. I'm not surprised everyone is making that quilt, I discovered it on another blog earlier this week and keep thinking about it. I am sure I could get my head around making something like that and it could be done in manageable 1 hour sessions (any longer and my brain and back start to hurt!). Can't wait to see it finished, it's looking great already. Your kitten is a bit minxy and just typical that it pukes on the carpet! My cat doesn't seem to notice yarn which is extremely lucky in my house as it's everywhere. Keep going on that quilt. xx

  4. LOL! Pets love to barf on any teeny bit of carpet they can find....

    Love all your makes!! That trip quilt is tempting me to start another project...

    Do you want me to send febreeze???? xoxo

  5. Lovely blog Lynne..

  6. Love love love your Liberty fabric quilt!

  7. I can relate to your cat vomit story well. Just today I found a dried little pile on one of our windowsills, lovely! Loving both your quilt tops here, particularly the fabrics in the second one.

  8. Girl be trippin' while the kitten be barfin' and chompin'! LOL Sorry, couldn't resist. Isn't that always the way, though?! We have ONE bedroom of four that is carpeted, and guess which bedroom my dog will pee in if he's freaked out about something? Yeah. When I run the vacuum I have to make sure he can't go upstairs. :P Love the quilt top, and your trip quilt! My husband has been home so I haven't been able to do much of anything but clean while he paints. Ugh. I hope to break out a jelly roll and take a trip of my own. Love the knitting, too!

  9. Love your trip quilt, one of my favourite patterns!
    Funny how pets always seem to do that isn't it??!
    Helen x

  10. Had to laugh about your cat - mine has never managed to aim for the tiled floor yet and always gets the carpet.

  11. Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by my blog :-)
    Reading your post has just given me a giggle.. I started my morning with a sick pup! Why, oh why must they always aim for the carpeted rooms?!
    I'm sorely tempted to take the scrappy trip too...
    Have a lovely weekend,

  12. i love the scarf, the color is beautiful - but your story makes me miss my cats :(

  13. Hello Lynne and a very happy new year to you!

    Your patchwork header is so, so eyecatching. I have just been gazing at it for quite a while.

    I feel your pain about animals throwing up on the carpet. I hope your kitty is feeling better now.


    ps I really like seeing corners of your world outside (and behind your pretty patchwork)!

  14. Yes! to the new header! I'm trying to accomplish my other wips, but seriously just want to scrap-along!

  15. Oh hon I have had to laugh (sorry!) with your kitten tales. What a total scream. I sympathise with the vomits - as our cat used to puke on the only carpet our whole house had. It drove me crazy. Maybe they like the feel of carpet under their paws while they get the job done!!

    I love all the quilting gorgeousness in this post! You have been super busy. I have missed visiting and am going to have to pop back tomorrow to read what else you've been up to.

    Have a fab week hon,

  16. Every time you make a quilt, I have to drop everything and sew. That scrappy thing is so beautiful! So scrappy! Must make one.

    Been there, kittywise. How do they always hit the rugs? Sigh.


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