Saturday, January 5, 2013

Elephants on parade

This little elephant softie belonged to my father in law.  It looks to be mostly hand stitched and at one time had some embroidery on the back end where the remnants of red threads still poke through the muslin.  It is stained and patched over in several places, all signs of a well loved toy.  They say elephants live a long time.  This one is close to 80 years old.
There are a few of these around blog land and on Pinterest, and in this hi tech world, it's nice to see there's still a need for an old fashioned cuddle toy.  I think they are cute, so I drafted a new one based on Jim's elephant.
It took a few revisions.  That trunk was a pain to stuff.

This one measures about 9 inches long by 7 inches high. And because I can't seem to make just one of anything little and stuffed, I made an even smaller one.

At 3.5 x 5.5 inches, she is just right as a pincushion.  I left the sides open on her blanket to hold a small pair of scissors.  I love her.
 I don't know which was more fun, making them or playing with them, taking their picture.


  1. So cute!!!!
    Happy New Year Lynne!!!!
    Gill xx

  2. They are very cute and a great idea with the scissors.

    blessings, jill

  3. So adorable!!! I just love elephants. Here is a link to one I really really want.
    But at $249.00 smack-a-roos I'll be a wantin for awhile...
    boohoo. Anyway, never thought of making one for myself...hmmmm I think I may have to hibernate the hook for awhile and see if I can make one. Super job Lynne!
    penny x

  4. Hi Penny. You're right. The elephant on the Victoria Trading Co. site is so stinking cute! Thanks for your comment :)

  5. How adorable! Would love to see your scrappy trip blocks, too. And I hope your mom is doing better! I love your food analysis/pointers, whatever you want to call it, but it really makes me think about what I've been eating, too, and what I'm addicted to, sugar! Ugh! xo

  6. How adorable. I love them? Precious!

  7. I like the smallest one best, I think the elephant fabric is perfect.

  8. They are SO cute!! How lucky you are to have your FIL's softie--that is so neat.

  9. Cut, cute cute cute cute...oh i love em...i do love an oliphant. xx

  10. Completely and utterly adorable!

  11. They are absolutely delightful and what a good idea to store your scissors on its back. Philippa xx

  12. What a lovely idea!
    And so cute too.
    Have a great week.

  13. Oh, mercy me, I have missed some posts. The part about the cat upchucking had me laughing. Sorry. I woke up several piles of doggie upchuck in the living room one day!!! UGH!! AND, it was black and filled with dirt, mud and leaves. Leaving my carpet a heck of a mess to clean. My dog doesn't do this often, but every once in a blue moon, he gets into something. Ugh!!!
    Love the quilt top! And the elephants!!!
    And the scarf.....and the...and the.....and the.................
    : ) xo Kris

  14. these little elephants are so cute. thanks for sharing the pattern...
    laura :)


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