Monday, January 21, 2013

Back from my Trip

Scrappy Trip Around the World is finally done.  I will have to say that this one and the low volume quilt are two of my favorites.  Must be the scrappy thing.
25 blocks, bound in a black and white stripe.   60x60 inches of 2.5 inch squares that I have been counting in my sleep for a couple of weeks.  Once you start making this quilt, it's hard to come up for air.
 Would you just look at that blue sky!  We have been having the best winter .  Usually it's gray and damp and foggy for weeks on end.  It was almost 60 degrees today!!  The mornings are frosty and freezing though.  I love it!

Anyway, I also finished the infinity scarf out of Berroco Vintage in Charcoal.  The lovely shell pattern can be found here.

While I'm writing this I'm having a glass of Bogle Old Vine Zin, and trying out a recipe for jalapeno poppers from Pioneer Woman.  They fit into my current low-carb diet and I'm testing them out for an appetizer to bring to an upcoming Superbowl party.
 No pictures because I ate them all (burp).  Man they were good.

I started working on a machine paper pieced wall hanging which is totally cool.  Here are four sample blocks laid out.
It's called Garden Geometry.  The quilt is from 100Bllionstars, and I have a complete quilt crush on her version with Parson Gray fabric.  So I ordered some.  I love the sharp angles contrasted with the flowery fabric.
And just because I have to satisfy the granny urge, I dragged out my Stylecraft DK, and decided to make a kid sized giant granny blanket, this one to be sent off to Project Linus charity.

It's going to be a good week.  I can feel it.  Or maybe it's the jalapenos and the wine.



  1. Beautiful quilt! This is one of my favorites and so is your low volume quilt!

  2. the quilt. Love the last line....maybe is the wine and poppers? Yup, me thinks it is!!!
    xo Kris

  3. Oh my goodness, Lynne--that finished quilt made me literally gasp. It is so so so SO beautiful. Looks to me like you've earned a snack. Poppers and wine sounds perfect. :)

  4. Lynne,
    Your quilt is so very pretty. I can't stop looking at it. So glad I found your site. will pop on by again soon.

  5. LOVE IT!!! It is gorgeous!!! It is always a good week when you finish a quilt, start another, make a scarf and start a granny blanket!! Wine kinda helps too :) xoxo

  6. Good for you for finishing ; ) it's wonderful.

  7. You are very productive, full of good ideas and working on nice projects.
    The quilt is beautiful! And the infinity scarf has been on my to-do list for so long.

  8. Your quilt is gorgeous. It looks wonderful set against the blue sky.
    Ali x

  9. Your finishes are soooo pretty! The trip around the world quilt, the scarf, and your new projects are fantastic, too. I got my sewing machine area all set up and then my daughter came home from grad school & needed her room back. She's back at school again so time to drag out the old machine again and get going. Thanks for the link for the infinity scarf--my daughter knits and I kept telling her about seeing that scarf pattern around the blog world. Her response was, "Send me the URL for the pattern, I'm going to watch TV on the laptop now.". Ummm hello?! LOL I must try those jalapeno poppers. They were my favorite appetizers at the Mexican restaurant at home... I'm afraid to learn how to make them myself for fear of eating the county out of jalapenos. Yum.

  10. All are beautiful works! Love the colors in the kid sized granny blanket! That's going to make someone verrrry happy!

  11. Wow wow and more wow!
    Your quilt is fabulous.
    Pretty crochet too!

  12. The new quilt looks wonderful and I also love the contrast of grey and flowers for the next one. I wish our skies were as blue as yours - just grey and more snow on its way! Have fun. Philippa xx

  13. Your quilt is adorable! And the infinity scarf as well, I just printed the pattern (thanks!). I'm curious how your ready kids blanket will look like, it's already l♥vely :-)

  14. Beautiful new quilt. I read about going to all the links after your last post and it looks like everyone thinks it's an addictive quilt to make. I dare not! I love your styling with the yellow stipey tee and the infinity scarf!

  15. BTW, I love Bogle Old Vine Zin too, mainly because I love the name!

  16. PS... I sent my daughter the link for the infinity scarf and a thoughtful (ahem) suggestion as to the colors I like. She called me and said, "Ummm, you know that's for crochet, and I knit, right?". LOL Yeah, that could be why I was never very good at knitting or crochet. ;) Sorry about mixing it up!

  17. Oh what a gorgeous quilt! Its so colourful, and i love the black and white edge!
    And a wonderful scarf too - you must be on a roll this year!
    Thanks for sharing all your wonderful makes and inspiring us here in blogland Lynne!
    Gill xx


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