Monday, October 8, 2012

Scrap Happy

On my last post I showed you the scrap quilt I had started.  Here is the sequence for putting a block together. You will need 12 large blocks ( 48 small 9 patch blocks)
 To make one large block, grab four of these small blocks. ( made up of 4 dark squares, 3 light squares and 2 half square triangles.  See previous post for cutting instructions)

Sew two together like this for the top half of your block.
Then two more together for the bottom half:
Now line them up and sew together
Your finished block will look like this

Do you like it?  Are you ready to dig into your scraps?
 Here is the one I made over ten years ago.  My daughter still has it on her bed, and it's very soft and worn just like I like 'em.
The borders are as follows:  1st border: Three  2 1/2" x 90" solid strips
                                              2nd border: 80 mixed light and dark 3 1/2" x 31/2" squares sewn

                                               3rd border: Four  41/2" x 90" solid strips
Backing: 4 yards of 45" fabric or 2 yards 90" fabric
Binding: 3/4 yard
Batting: 70 x 80
Finished size : about 60 x 73
Now I planned on getting a lot more done on my quilt over the weekend but something came up.
An Ombre granny square blanket.  Ooh. La. La.


  1. They look fantastic!
    -You have a great blog.

  2. Thanks for that quick little tute! I'm going to make one! Been looking for something to take on vaca with me this week, and that scrappy one will be perfect!

  3. I am totally in love with your quilt! Those blocks are stunning!!!!!! I want to sprint to my fabric pile and get my sewing machine out right this second. I love that your 'something came up' was crochet - that is the perfect interruption to other activities. The blanket looks fantastic. The black makes the ombre colour selection really stand out. You are one clever gal aren't you.

    Have a fabulous week hon.

  4. Very, very pretty! When you stand back, you could truly see the diamond :)

  5. I like both your wips, what a nice way to use up scraps in the quilt, and the grannies look so bright with the dark border around them.

  6. Oooh! I love those quilt blocks. I eagerly anticipate the time when I have enough scraps to warrant making a quilt out of them! :) Love the granny squares, too!

  7. Wow Lynne. Great colour choices for the quilt. You make it look oh so easy. I love the crochet blanket too. I'm just learning myself and haven't yet mastered the art of even tension. One day it will no doubt all fall into place and I'll be well away. Have a great week. Philippa x

  8. Oh my usual, you've made me change my plans for the day. A fabulous quilt pattern AND granny squares??? Resistance is futile! :)

  9. *like* ... scrap quilts don't normally catch me, but this one is nice!

  10. Oh such talent! I love it all :)

  11. Oh I love this scrappy quilt. I wrote down the instructions and hope to work on it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    blessings, jill


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