Friday, October 26, 2012

A pear or two

Talk about fast food!  These whipped up in a jiffy.  In fact I had to stop myself at 5.  I think they will be fun decorations, or even pincushions!

The pattern I used is from the book Sew Pretty Homestyle by Tilda.  I stuck with realistic (sort of) colors for pears, but you could get wild with some colorful modern fabric, or use linen (add some embroidery!), even burlap.  Or maybe velvet for Christmas with some glitter. Yes, I think velvet ones next, smaller perhaps, and strung on a garland.  You haven't seen the last of my pears.
For the stems, I used a raffia braided cord that had been tied around a box of candles.  Twigs from the backyard would work just as well.  I pretty much followed the pattern, except that I added a button to the bottom.  It helps them stand up a little better.

Now if your interested in eating the real thing, check out these chocolate dipped pear slices.
My sister told me about the original recipe here.  Basically just slice your pears, toss with lemon juice to keep them from turning brown.  Dip the slices in melted chocolate, then sprinkle with a little sea salt.  Pop into the fridge for a while so the chocolate can get hard again.  So easy!

Speaking of fruit, if you're in need of a good chuckle, check out the reviews on Amazon for this banana slicer.  The comments were hilarious!  No, I did not buy one : )

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  1. how fun! And ohmygosh those fresh pears look delish - love salted-chocolate-just about anything!

  2. Love the pears, they are so pretty and almost look real. As far as the banana slicer comments, I have laughed so hard I've cried and my head hurts. No, I didn't buy one either. Thanks for giving me a laugh today.


  3. Your pears are so cute, and I love the many other ways you have thought to make more.

    Banana slicer!!! Now that is a crazy idea.

  4. I love these. I have the book too so must have a go. They would be pincushions for me as I love pincushions.

  5. I'm liking these a lot Lynne - I love the fabric you've chosen, they look great - and as you say, good for either decor or pincushion. I think I've got that book somewhere so I must check these out.
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  6. Adorable!!! Pears, chocolate and salt=YUM!! Off to check out the banana slicer???? :) xoxo Debbie

    PS I LOVE the schnibble-along idea!!

  7. Oh Lynne! These are SO DARN CUTE!!!!!
    Why is it that pears are so pretty?! I have a pattern to knit and felt some that I have never yet tried but you have inspired me :)

  8. I've always fancied making some of these pears but somehow haven't got around to it. Seeing yours makes me think I should try harder to make the time. The chocolate pears look delicious. I would never have thought you add a sprinkling of salt but I imagine that gives a wonderful tange. Another thing I must try. Have a great weekend. Philippa xx

  9. Hello Lynne

    Absolutely adore those pears fabric ones and chocolate dipped ones too!!! They don't look too difficult to make either. Couldn't resist popping in to Amazon to check out the banana slicer. Is that for real? Highly amusing reviews! I didn't buy one either LOL!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. these are so cute :) i would love to make these for the kitchen.
    thanks for sharing...
    have a great weekend

  11. Oh these are wonderful,, i love pears, in all forms, and i have to say i have never thought of the whole dipping in chocolate thing......yummy. x

  12. Your pears are beautiful and smaller ones as a garland would look very pretty, so go for it.
    And you don´t cut your bananas with a slizer do you?

  13. Dang, those are fantastic! I can definitely see them in velvet. Lush. :)

  14. Hi hon - sorry I haven't popped by for a while! I am absolutely loving this pear post! I adore the fabric ones and really can't wait to make some of the real ones with chocolate myself. They look delicious. Mmmm - maybe for dessert tonight I think considering I bought a huge amount of pears this morning. Thank you so much for the fab recipe.

    Have a lovely week - see you again soon.

  15. Oh wow, love those pears! I keep meaning to do them, and strawberries, and tomatoes, and then put them in a glass covered jar. The chocolate covered pears look divine, too. YUM-O!

  16. The banana slicer reviews are hysterical!!! Thanks so much for the laugh.

  17. Lynne, very cute pears, but I almost died about the banana slicer. Had to blog about it, thanks!

  18. Just love those fabulous pears. Beautiful.


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