Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Granny! What big squares you have!

Finally finished my giant granny square.  Thank you to Angie for hosting this CAL!  I really enjoyed making my blanket.  In fact I just saw one here that is being made with variegated yarn that I may put into my "wants" list.
Here it is hanging on the bannister next to my Liberated Log Cabin quilt.

I love the border Angie suggested.  It came out kind of ruffly. I used Cotton Ease which is a cotton/acrylic blend, with an H hook and it measures about 53 inches across. Now if the weather will just cool down so I can sit under it!
 Once the blanket was done I headed off for some thrift store shopping. Lookee what I found......
Skirt $4, woven bag with bamboo handles, $3.  I actually bought the bag just so I could use the handles in another project.  This king size pillow case was a dollar.
 I decided it needed to be made into something else right away.  So I sewed up the sides and added a bit of trim.....
 And some handles.....
 Now I have a cute project bag! So instead of this....
I now have a bag big enough for my blanket projects! I like this waaay better. For a dollar!
Thanks for stopping by today!  I'm now going outside to clean out the chicken coop and pick up the dog poop from the backyard before it gets too hot.  Jealous?  Smelly chores today!  I'd much rather be sewing. :)


  1. What a totally fantastic post! I adore your granny square blanket - it looks amazing hanging up next to your quilt. But best of all are your fabulous op shop finds! The skirt is stunning. The bag you made if brilliant. Isn't it great to be able to turn something unwanted into something loved! Have a fab week.

  2. I am smitten with your pillow case bag. I love thrifty renovations! Congrats on your large granny blanket. Turned out marvelously. So glad you happened by my blog today. Allowed me to pop over here. Such a sweet place you have here!

  3. Oh boy, your Granny looks very nice, and you were finished so fast. I took a look at the granny you set the link for. I didn´t think variegated yarn would work so good, but it really does.
    Your new project bag is a good size to keep your new project in, and the fabric is so bright it looks like it is brand new.

  4. Ooh! Thanks for linking! I LOVE your Granny Square, I'm trying hard not to get distracted and actually finish at least one of mine!
    Have a gorgeous weekend!
    Sandra x

  5. Mmm... I love this blanket! I have been seeing them all around the blogosphere. It's definitely going on my list. Yours is gorgeous! Wishing you a happy weekend. :)

  6. Beautiful giant granny square, Lynne! And I have to say, I do love your header photo, it's so calm and balanced :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!