Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hudson Bay Hexagon

Does anyone have one of these? I love Hudson Bay blankets, they remind me of when I was a kid in Canada.  Everyone had at least one of these thick wool blankets in their home.  I've been wanting one, but they are so expensive now, so I thought about knitting or crocheting a similar version.  Then I saw this pattern,
African flower hexagon found on Heidi Bears blog.  I know there are a few patterns out there for this motif, but honestly this one grabbed me by the short hairs and wont let go.
That tray was an antique store purchase from a few years ago.  I kept going back to the store over and over and it was still there every time.  Calling me.  To bring it home.  Forever.  It was a bit pricey so I ignored it. Until the store said it was going out of business. Uh oh.  Mine now.
I'm using Wool-Ease yarn because the colors came close to the original blanket.  They are Cranberry, Gold, Black, Avocado and Fisherman.  I'm still trying to like the avocado green (can we say 1970's?) but overall I think it looks nice together.  Speaking of colors, how about a different version of the same block?
I increased the starting chain from 5 to 6, and then made 8 center flower petals instead of 6.  After that I just kept adding rows to make this......
and the back....

My first crochet pillow. YAY!
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  1. These hexagons are perfect for pillows, your first pillow looks perfect!

  2. I love those Hudson Bay blankets too, and the Wool-Ease colors are a dead ringer. I can't wait to see how your blanket progresses. I'm tempted, myself...wait, already have three blankets on the hook as it is! :)

  3. Wow, I love that cushion, it's a beaut! The colours are gorgeous. I think you should make one of those Hudson Bay blankets; so nice!

    Nicki xx

  4. Oh, it's lovely here- I love all your crochet makes.
    This cushion is gorgeous - I have the African flower bookmarked for a project- yours are great colours.
    Am your newest follower and look forward to seeing all your lovely makes.


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