Friday, July 1, 2016

Self Sewn

Summer is in full swing now.  I can tell because my air conditioner is broken. A temporary fix is in place, but it looks like we need to buy a new one.  Meanwhile, outside there are plants with minds of their own popping up in areas where I did not originally intend them to be popping.  The morning glories are relentless, twinning around my swiss chard, green onions, or anything that stands in one place too long. I pull them out to get at my vegetables, but there are dozens of little seedlings, laughing up at me, waiting in line to take their place.
A row of sunflowers towers above my tomato plants, casting shade where I do not want it, but I don't have the heart to rip them out. I tried to grow sunflowers from seed last year, but they didn't take hold very well, so I guess they showed me who's boss by moving themselves to a different part of the garden that they like much better.
The compost pile is now bursting with spaghetti squash. I must have thrown the remnants of a cooked squash in there at some point.  The long vines have crashed through the wire farm fencing and were last seen marching eastward across the pasture.
And speaking of pasture, some kind of wild, pale blue flower has sprouted out there, along with yellow mustard,  all courtesy of the additional rain from last winter.

Now onto the fun stuff.  A few years back, I saw a yarny blanket that made me swoon, and set out to make one of my own.  I crocheted 6, twenty round granny squares and sewed them together, ending up with a blanket roughly 40x60 inches.  It's been sitting for ages waiting on those ends to be weaved in, and I'm so happy it's finally done! 


  1. Those flowers are GORGEOUS... even the wild ones!
    I love how your garden has a life of its own. It's like something out of a Fairy Tale! And that blanket is too die for... I saw it on your Instagram and fell in love :-)

  2. That's a really fun blanket! I think I may need to make one of those!!!!

  3. Lovely images here, fab blanket! Well summer is here in the uk sadly none of us recognises it under the cod and rain! ;) xxx

  4. Love your new blanket, so beautifully colorful. But sewing in all those threads? No fun, takes me forever.
    I agree with Danette on the flowers - gorgeous. Yes, even the wild ones which grow like crazy around here, too.

  5. Congratulations on getting the ends sorted on your granny square blanket!! It is something I am very lazy at doing!!! There is nothing as cosy as a colourful granny square blanket draped across an armchair or sofa!! The heat is hitting us this evening and it looks as if I'll have to sleep with a fan beside us. Phew!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  6. The blanket looks lovely and snuggly, clearly not suitable for this time of the year, but great for the winter months.

  7. Happy Summer! I am loving that blanket Lynne, what a great way to use those little bits and bobs of yarn.

  8. No air conditioner! Oh no, it's too hot for that where you are. Get in the pool, stat. ;) I love your granny blanket. It looks perfect. Xoxo

  9. Don´t worry to much about the plants. They will grow where they want anyway. Your crochet blanket is beautiful! The pattern and the colours are a perfect match.


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