Friday, April 29, 2016

Heating up slowly

geranium in "watermelon"

repairing the binding on an old quilt
American Robin
new quilt pattern
We've had the nicest rain showers this last week, with thunder rumbling in the distance for dramatic effect.  I haven't had to water the garden as often, which is nice, but the weeds love the rain too, so the battle continues. We are slowly moving out of our nice Enjoy It While You Can spring weather phase and will soon be entering into the blistering hot, Kill All the Plants summer phase, which I endure for about one month, then by July I'm in the house with the air conditioner on drinking buckets of iced tea.  I really want to try and embrace summer this year (I say this every year), take part in more outdoor/summer activities, but it's hard for me.  I inevitably melt into a sweaty limp puddle at backyard barbecues and theme parks, clutching a cold drink in a death grip, crazed eyes darting about for a seat in the shade, my hair plastered around my head like a wet dish cloth.
So attractive.  Meanwhile everyone else continues to party on, seemingly unfazed by the heat. Sigh.
Must buy more pool floaty toys. And cold beer.  And a short haircut.

On the sewing front, I haven't been very diligent lately.  I made a few scrap improv blocks and will probably make some kind of quilt with them, but for now they're just hanging out on the design wall patiently waiting their turn.  Instead of sewing I've been obsessed with listening to knitting pod casts and really learning a lot.  However the patterns I'm drawn to are made with fingering weight yarn and toothpicks, and I'm struggling. Maybe for now I'm better off learning with worsted or dk weight and bigger needles?  I'm both impressed and intimidated by people who jump right in there and whip up a pair of socks a week after they learn to cast on. Knitting feels painfully slow to me, and you have to really pay attention.  Example : K2, yo, knit to marker, yo, sm, k1, sm, knit to last 2 stitches, yo, k2 stitches, touch your nose with your tongue, and scratch your belly with your big toe.  Repeat rows two through nineteen, 175,678 times or until your eyes cross, the phone rings or the dog jumps in your lap in which case you're basically screwed. If your lucky the damn markers will stay where you put them and you can find your place and start over.
 Possibly I have some kind of knitting attention deficit disorder. Or knitting commitment disorder. Whatever it is, it makes me doubt myself.  I run back to the comfort of my crochet hook and think "do I really need another craft, maybe I will just stick with crochet and quilting?"
Again, must buy more cold beer.
Anyway last week I had a give away for a quilt pattern and a stack of 5" squares from my stash.  Pam at CreativeCrazyGirl won, and I hope she can use the extra scraps in her stash, and maybe try out that pattern!  Thanks to everyone who took time to leave a comment.  It's nice to have so many lovely blogging friends out there. Hope you all have time to make something fun this weekend :)


  1. Do NOT, I repeat do NOT drink beer while knitting. Crazy things happen! I feel your pain with the fingering weight on tiny needles. After years of happily knitting socks, my eyes are saying no way!! I'm back to worsted weight on size 4 and 6 needles, happily figuring out colorwork.
    Enjoy your spring and your pretty flowers!!

  2. Haha. This was an entertaining post. And our weather today is cold and rainy. grrr. It feels like spring is so far away.

  3. IF you have those disorders than I do too. I swear thin yarn is not your friend, it certainly isn't mine. You knit for hours and then realize you have not progressed at all. That is why I don't like socks, skinny yarn, tiny needles and you have to make two of them! BY that way it is stinking hot here in Florida, bye-bye Spring.

  4. Oh how I loved, (and identified with) your description of summer! I used to love summer. But I can't tolerate the heat anymore. I have a skin condition called Vitiligo, and I can't really be in the sun long, or I suffer for it! I do still love my pool. But I have to become friends with big floppy hats now!
    Love that old quilt!!
    xo Kris

  5. Your pictures are just gorgeous Lynne! And you just keep crocheting and quilting... it is so very lovely when you do!!! You definitely need another South Bay Shawlette, right? ;-) Just keep washing it all down with a nice Cold Beer...

  6. I think if you have conquered crochet and quilting, you should call yourself complete! I am knitting again after a couple of years away from it, and it is certainly giving my brain a workout, keeping track of rows, cables and the such! I hope your Spring weather hangs around some more, a bit like as our Autumn continues....

  7. Lovely pictures Lynne. I too am distracted with knitting podcasts. I've been knitting for nearly fifty years and I'm learning a lot from them. There's always something new to try. That's the great thing about the podcasts and Ravelry, you are exposed to new ideas, I love it.

  8. I am with you on summer - lived in Oklahoma for many years and never got used to the heat and humidity. I spent my summers in front of the A/C, ran errands early in the day and couldn't understand how people could enjoy their summers so much. It's much more bearable here now, but I still avoid being outdoors when it gets hot.
    About the knitting: yes, it is slow and it can be difficult. I've been knitting since I was a teenager and I am still learning new things. But I prefer rather simple and quick projects, patterns where I don't have to count and focus so much.
    Enjoy the nice weather and I hope you find something you enjoy working on, knitting or crochet.

  9. I really love your blocks!! Is there a pattern for that?
    I received my sweet, fun package from you today!! Love the pattern and fabric and stickers!! So very sweet. Thanks bunches!!

  10. Your comments about knitting are so funny! I know exactly how you feel. I love crochet also, but have knitting down pretty good, too. Now I am trying to learn tatting, and it has me stumped. Keep on gets easier.

  11. As usual, I love everything you're up to, and I am so pleased you're giving knitting a chance. You can do it, I believe in you. :)

    Meanwhile, summer...if only it would happen here. Brrr.

  12. Had a lovely giggle reading your post! At least you CAN knit!!!! Xxx


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