Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy place

Off the hook is Southbay Shawlette in Malabrigo sock.  The color is Impressionist sky.  Those people sure know how to name their yarn.  This shawl took one whole skein using a 7 (4.5) hook with a few yards to spare.  There have been about a bazillion of these made on Ravelry, with all types of yarns.
In my cupboard are 2 balls of Cascade alpaca lace in a pretty apricot color that may just turn into another one.  They say this is called a potato chip pattern.  You can't make just one.

I'm building a baby quilt using blue/green scraps and my old white standby Kona snow (here is a tutorial for the X block).  This one needs to be shipped off to Canada sometime in April.  That means I have to get to it and not start anything else.  And of course there are so many quilts I want to make right now!  The sun is out, the birds are singing, the garden is calling and all of it is fueling a creative furnace in my head. There are clothes hanging on the line, seedlings ready to plant, and patio furniture to be re-painted. There is a dress pattern on the way, a pile of soft cotton on the shelf waiting for a chance to become a new frock and a delicate crocheted wrap about half way done. I'm bursting with ideas and am not able to corral them fast enough. Every morning I stand in the hallway, holding my coffee cup, trying to decide whether to go outside or into the sewing room. Amazing what a few days of sunshine can do for the soul.
Spring is a short season around here.  But when it arrives, it surely knocks your socks off.
Well, the socks are officially off.

P.S.  Thank you for all your comments.  I appreciate each and every one.  However some of you are no-reply bloggers and I can't respond back, so I'm not ignoring you! If you need help changing that up let me know.


  1. I like both shawl and the baby quilt in the making. Thank you for the link, I will have a look.
    Enjoy springtime!

  2. Love how you put that 'I'm bursting with ideas and am not able to corral them fast enough.' It's a good place to be overall.:)

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous! This is the very reason I wish I could crochet! Enjoy the Spring sunshine! Our Summer is finally over today with heavy showers of rain and fierce winds. BTW I had a comment on my blog the other day which was never delivered to my inbox- very weird?

  4. The wool may have a grand name but it's s beautiful colour, and a fab design!

  5. The shawl looks wonderful. Very pretty in blue.
    xx Beca

  6. Beautiful shawl!! isnt Malabrigo sock wonderful?!? I think I used that colour too! It sure knits up nice. Love all your quilts. My head is buzzing with ideas of absolutely great projects, maybe I will actually get a couple done :) have a great weekend

  7. Spring is short here too! Soon it will be hot and humid, I am trying to enjoy everyday outside I can before the heat sets in. Love that shawl, why is it I haven't made one yet? It is so beautiful.

  8. Oh I love that shawl!!! Now I want t make one so I shall have to add that to my long long list of things to make, although it may go straight to the top!
    Your latest quilt is gorgeous, and I know just how you feel with all those competing things to do each day. Do you go by the weather or by your urge? Whatever you choose it sounds ike you're loving this time of year and making the most of it!
    have a great weekend Lynne!
    Gill xx

  9. I love the sound of your spring! And I do love that beautiful shawl you crocheted!

  10. WOw your shawl is so beautiful! Your quilts look soft and perfect. Came to you from MEredith's blog. HI!

    1. Hi Kathy! Nice to meet you :) I'm glad you stopped by!


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