Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stash busting and repeat performers

I started a few crochet projects back in October while I was visiting my Mom in the hospital.  They were one skein/color, repetitive and easy to carry around.  This half granny shawl was made with a ball of Madtosh Pashmina that I bought about 3 years ago and has been in the cupboard ever since. 
I suppose I was waiting for the right pattern, but I ended up going back to this shawl pattern.  I made it in a sport weight in the color Graphite, and I used an N hook so the drape is quite significant.  I added a tassel to each end, including the back point.
 I've worn this twice already and got compliments from strangers both times!  And they were younger women, so maybe I'm onto something here.  The yarn is delicious, and worth every penny.  I'm eyeing another skein in Daffodil, or maybe Silver Fox.

This one is made from 2 skeins of Noro IHaveNoClue.  I think it is Kureyon.  I will probably gift this one, because the colors are not me.  The yarn was bought online, on sale. When it arrived I was dissapointed and tossed it into the same cupboard next to the Pashmina. 
The pattern is One Skein Chevron Scarf, that I've made several times already, and despite the name, I always use 2 skeins.  I'm on the lookout now for more yarn de-stashing patterns.  Any ideas?
Now that it's getting dark earlier, I find myself on the couch in the evenings scrunching sideways under the closest table lamp, straining to see my yarn or needle.  I bought an Ott lamp at Joann's with a coupon, but it honestly seems like overkill.  Never mind the family comments regarding burning eyeballs and needing to break out the sunglasses while they're trying to watch T.V.  I might need to rethink where I sit, and set up a work space in the corner of the living room. 
After all, it isn't enough that I have a whole room dedicated to fabric and yarn, and usually have to clear my projects off the table so we can eat dinner.
Do you guys have your own little space?  What works for you?


  1. Lol I have a dedicated quilting 'area' in the back corner of my youngest sons bedroom. Not as weird as it seems as he has half the upstairs and all my area is pretty much blocked off by cabinets etc. Then I have a largish basket in the corner of my bedroom with my handwork bag, current quilt(s) in the hoop. Plus I have a corner of the couch (along with the end table) that is MINE. Everybody knows that is my area to quilt and there are no excuses for loitering there.:) Sounds like you just need to work your family around to the idea that you are the woman in charge and if it works for you, it'll be fabulous for the rest of the family! Love that first scarf especially. The color and style are spot on!

  2. I'm an empty nester and the 2 extra bedrooms we have have been turned into my yarn warehouses. Originally, I used 1 room and then hubby set up the other room with lots of shelves for me. For some reason, I never completed the move into the new room. Sigh, so much work and so little time between crochet projects. ;)

  3. Your shawl is beautiful, I might just have to dig around in my stash to find the right yarn for one of those.
    As for work space: I am spoiled; I have dedicated rooms for my various hobbies (too many), but I end up sewing at the kitchen table and my "stuff" has taken over the house. I am always in the process of cleaning up and clearing out but, so far, haven't made much progress :-(
    I hope your family comes around to understanding that good light is important.

  4. I love both projects, and if you are getting compliments from younger women you are a hit!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Those tassels! They add just the right amount of bluegrass to the shawl rock and roll, if you know what I mean. Perfect. And a couple unsolicited compliments tell the whole story--you've got style, sister!

    I have a dedicated work room too, which hasn't stopped me from spreading out all over the house, so I'm looking forward to hearing your solution and then probably copying it. ;)

  6. Yes I have my own space, but I take over the kitchen sometimes too. Oh well
    Lovely knits. Ott lights are great too

  7. Gorgeous! I HAD my own room but rather over spilled in Lisa's room too when she was away - so we have swapped - she now has the box room (6' sq) I have the bigger room (6x9')


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!