Friday, May 15, 2015

Hillside Houses and Tulips

There's a new QAL over at Pretty Little Quilts, and I just jumped right in, because I had all the stuff,  the pdf's were right there for free, it was something different because I hardly ever work with solids and the blocks kind of go together like a fabric jigsaw puzzle.  And besides, I saw that Carla was making one and her blocks were calling out to me as they always do, inspiring me to try something new.
I'm making the wall hanging size using a combination of Kaffe Fassett shot cottons, American Made, and a sprinkle of Liberty scraps for the doors and windows.  Christina has the first 5 blocks posted, and it's not too late (never too late) to join in.

Now, do you remember my tulips?

Finally finished the applique, and decided on a layout.  I have to square up all those little hst's and hand piece more drunkards path blocks.  This is a slow one, and I don't mind. I like to think it's simmering in the background while I'm working away on other projects.

I heard from my son in Australia last night.  He hasn't had a shower in about a week (bathing in the river when they get a chance).  He is learning a lot and enjoying every minute.  He did say everything there bites or is poisonous. Why would you tell your mother that!  I have visions and a wild imagination. I wanted to ask him how the girls in his group are doing on the trip.  Of course I'm focusing on shaving legs, washing hair and having your period.  Ugh. They should be back at the youth hostel (showers and beds!) next week. Then at least I will feel better :)


  1. Fun! I'm going to down load make this. Yours is adorable with the weensy prints. It is cruel to tell a mother of biting and poisonous things.

  2. Oh my goodness, both of these are beautiful! Love the saturated colors in your houses and the light, springy look to the tulip quilt. Fabulous.:)

  3. I am not sure I would want to hear the biting/poison news myself. Glad he is having fun. Immerse yourself in your beautiful sewing and forget about all that biting.

  4. What is it with this idea that Australia is crawling with nasty beasties! I guess you son is in the outback!? Our cities are quite civilized, you know! We even have the internet occasionally and some real fancy places have running water!!! 😃😃😃 love your growing village- pretty colors!

    1. I figured you would want to chime in! He is camping in a tropical forested area with no running water, but they do have wifi :)

  5. Your new project looks fun! I've enjoyed seeing these houses pop up here and there. And what an adventure for your son!

  6. Thank you for sharing your new project, I like the houses a lot!

  7. I really love the drunkard's path arranged in circles like that--every time you show a piece of this project in progress, I look at my scraps basket with longing.

    Sounds like your boy is having a terrific adventure! My son came home from scout camp once with the most hair-raising stories--snakebites and pillows full of poison ivy and raccoons in the sleeping bags. Ah, nature is the best.

  8. ooh your tulips! I love them.

  9. Happy to inspire ; ) These are so fun to make!


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