Sunday, December 28, 2014


This is the week where I gather things.
 Like lemons and olives from my trees, pictures from around the yard (I got a new camera for Christmas!!) fabric into piles of pretty colors, stacks of books about quilting and gardening that I keep moving around so they follow me from room to room, and recipes for soup and bread.
I'm gathering my thoughts as well.
Like where to put a new chicken coop, what's up with those tiny houses?(I don't think I could live in one but I find the whole idea fascinating), how to brine olives, growing an herbal tea garden, taking an online photography class, deciding what kind of quilt to make next, and growing out my hair, including the gray bits (more on that in the next post).
Usually as soon as the holiday decorations come down (they're still up), I rush headfirst into making and organizing and purging all the things I'd like to tackle in the New Year.
But not just yet.
This week I'm just going to gather.  



  1. Your photos are lovely! Happy New Year. :)

  2. oh this is sweet. I love this post. I'm also jealous of your olive and lemon tress. ;-) Enjoy this in between time...

  3. The first thing I noticed was how great your pictures are! What kind of camera did you get? I just love mine and am still totally into learning new things with it. I love to take pictures now. Hope you get as much enjoyment from yours. Looking forward to seeing your photos! Pammy Sue

    1. I got a Nikon D5300. It came from Costco as a package deal with carrying case and an additional zoom lens. I love it! My other camera is a Canon, and I don't think I ever took it off the auto setting. Time to move out of my comfort zone : )

  4. Lovely thoughts my friend. Gorgeous photos with your new camera. And chicken, how fun is that. I have been going gray for almost three years, I like it. I am cleaning and putting everything in its place so I start the New Year fresh and ready.
    Hugs to you Lynne,'

  5. Lovely photos...gathering such incredible goodies too...

  6. What a lovely word for this time! Enjoy.:)

  7. Your own olives and lemons? I'm really jealous!


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