Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blue and Red

My oldest daughter has been spending time on Pinterest lately, gathering pictures of blue and red Christmas decorations she'd like to have/make for her apartment.  She even included pictures of fabric bundles and quilts.  Hmmmm.  Quilt??  I can take a hint.
Her being low on decorations, and a member of the 3rd -year -poor -teacher -salary society, she will be lucky to afford a tree this year, so I dove headfirst into my magic cupboard and pulled out everything I had that matched her color scheme.  Turns out I have been hoarding some pretty cute Christmas fabric.....
After sorting and cutting, the middle child entered the room to see what I was up to, and declared it was either very awesome or really pathetic ridiculous, that I had enough fabric on hand, of a specific color scheme to make an entire quilt.  I vote awesome.

This quilt was inspired by one called Avalon found in the book Material Obsession, in which 18 inch blocks (trim up those fat quarters!) were cut and sashing added in between.  It's a great way to show off some of your favorite fabric, as well as super duper fast to make. And let's face it, this time of year starting a quilt three weeks before Christmas can feel like you're  running out of daylight.
 I didn't have fat quarters of every print, so I cut my blocks at 16.5 and my white strips at 3.5.  It came out to 60 inches square.  The back was a solid turquoise that I was saving for who the heck knows what, but turns out it was waiting for this quilt to be made.
Merry Christmas Danielle! (cute throw pillow to follow).


  1. Magic cupboard is right--what else you got in there? This one turned out great. :)

  2. Perfect Christmas lap quilt! I vote for awesome too on the magic cupboard.:)

  3. What a lovely mum you are, I bet she will love it.

  4. I vote awesome too! Now you must ave room to restock?

  5. Super mum, super stash! Middlest will appreciate it when she's on the receiving end!!!!

  6. wow, I am amazed at all the beautiful fabrics you found in your closet! And it defenitely awesome to have such a good stash. You made a beautiful christmasquilt in a jiffy!

  7. This quilt is a great way to showcase favorite fabrics--

  8. The quilt is amazing and I think you are too. Hooray for having everything you needed right at home, see that is why we have a stash for something just like this.


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