Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Family signature quilt

top photo- my husband and his sister, middle-me at 1 years old, bottom- my girls hiking near Solvang, Calif., when they were little.
It's hard to believe I started messing around with this quilt idea back in May.  I knew I had until Thanksgiving so I dawdled about finishing it. 
It's 42x42 inches square and made from my scraps.  I was inspired by a flickr photo from a Japanese quilt book.  It wasn't hard to figure out  how to make one by looking at it, just half square triangles bordered like a log cabin block.  The idea is to use the white space for signatures.

There are 64 blocks in the quilt, and about 22 of those will be filled up at Thanksgiving.  Then, whenever a new baby is born (you're next Megan!) or someone gets married (how about it girls??), we can add more signatures.  I was thinking we could send the quilt home with someone different each year and bring it back the following Thanksgiving to be turned over to the next family member. I will probably make a sleeve for the back so it can be displayed like a wall hanging.

Have fun making stuff this week!



  1. Oh, I love this so much! A real family heirloom, in every way. :)

  2. What a lovely idea, Lynne - it's really beautiful x

  3. What a lovely idea. I'm sure family members will be fighting over it ; )

  4. I love the low volume sashing between the triangles! I don't think I have seen that before!? It is very refreshing....

  5. Thats a nice idea, and a pretty signature quilt!

  6. Oh, yes, I remember how I loved this quilt when you started it back then, and wanted to make one of my own - never did start one. But there's still time, right? Ha! I LOVE yours, Lynne, it is so very pretty!

  7. I think it is a fabulous heirloom, and gorgeous too.

  8. Wonderful idea to share if you trust them to bring it back? lol Love how the log cabin style sashing adds in that extra dimension.


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