Monday, May 19, 2014

Haiku shawl and a traveling quilt

Some time last year I bought the pattern and yarn for the Haiku shawl and I finally pulled it out to work on it.  If you go to the Quince website, check out their yarn while you're there.  I really love the colors and the bird names, and now that I have tried it, the Tern yarn is just wonderful.
When I was in grade school we learned how to write a Haiku, and I still remember that assignment like it was yesterday.  The teacher taught us about syllables by clapping her hands as she pronounced each syllable in a word.  We all joined in reading aloud and clapping together.  Then we wrote a Haiku printed in our best penmanship and made a special cover out of colored construction paper that was decorated with blobs of paint blown across the paper with a straw.  Remember doing that?  This resulted in not only getting dizzy, but being sprayed with paint by your nearest classmate.  Usually it was a boy doing the spraying, as they could never contain themselves while brandishing such delightful weapons as straws and paint.  I remember my cover paper was pink, and my paint blobs and sprays looked like tree branches filled with blossoms.  My mom saved it, and I was quite proud.
I loved that assignment because it combined the mechanics of writing, with art and creativity (Thank you Mrs. Rhiehorst, wherever you are.)  It's what I like about quilting and crocheting too.  You follow a pattern, measure, and count stitches (mechanics), and choose colors and textures with fabric or yarn and embellish a pattern to make it your own (art and creativity).
Anyway, I have no idea where I'm going with this, but I can tell already that this shawl is going to be pretty, especially if I block the haiku out of it.  Maybe I'll give it to my mom. She'll be so proud.

The roses are from my yard, I can't seem to cut them fast enough.  The fabric was a sale purchase at Joann's, justified by the 5 projects I made this year out of my scrap bin (two more are in the works).

The quilt blocks are going to be a family gift.  So far the plan is to make 64 blocks, resulting in a wall hanging about 45x45, to be hung in my living room.  When we all get together this Thanksgiving, everyone will sign their name on a block.  Each time we add a new family member through marriage or birth, they sign a block.  Like a family tree quilt!  Then, maybe the quilt can "travel" to different homes of family members, stay for the year, then get passed along to someone different every Thanksgiving.  I told my daughter, that when I'm gone, someone has to keep the quilt "alive" until all the blocks are filled up.
She said that when I go, she goes, like an Egyptian tomb kind of thing.  I laughed and said just don't bury the quilt.


  1. I always enjoy your posts and your beautiful needlework, but this family quilt idea has captured my heart!

  2. Fabulous idea, and I love your fabrics for this heirloom!

  3. The quilt is going to be fabulous. As for the roses, I am so jealous. We had to pull several of ours up, they just weren't thriving. We still have our fairy roses though, my favorite! I look forward to seeing the finished shawl, the stitch and color are lovely!

  4. That was a nice story about the Haiku, it is a nice piece of crochet! Your ideas for the family quilt are great, and I bet you will get all the squares filled before you "have to go"!

  5. Your shawl is very pretty. The yarn, design, looks so elegant and delicate. What a great idea for a quilt. I hope it has a very long life, and never gets buried in the backyard!

  6. First of all your shawl is gorgeous, you are going to love it. The family quilt idea is wonderful, what a perfect way to celebrate your family.

  7. What a beautiful idea! A true family heirloom quilt. And your roses look good enough to eat. :)

  8. The shawl is lovely!
    I love that idea for your beautiful quilt too, it will not only be beautiful but will be a family heirloom!
    More gorgeous roses!
    Gill xx


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