Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A no-stitch weekend

I haven't opened the door to my sewing room in about a week.  I don't want to feel like I have to work on something, so I'm not.  I guess I need a break.  All my unfinished projects are behind that door and I don't want to face them.  I know most of you would say "then start something new!"  Yeah.  I feel a shawl coming on. But first, a mini vacation.
 Tim and I headed out to San Francisco to attend a surprise birthday party for an old friend.  We left Friday morning and stopped in Napa at the beautiful Auberge du Soleil.
We ate a leisurely lunch on the terrace and the views were just lovely.

One of the other guests was nice enough to snap a picture of us.  I was as drowsy as a fat bumblebee at this point, full of great food, a cold Rose wine and warm sun.  I want to go back.
Back in the car we headed just north of San Francisco to San Anselmo.  We moseyed around town for a bit, checked into the San Anselmo Inn, then walked across the street to the birthday bash at Insalata's.  Our party took up over half the restaurant, the guest of honor was quite surprised, and despite my big lunch, I managed to devour a plate of salmon.  I don't think I need to eat for another week.
Saturday we drove south over the Golden Gate bridge, and into San Francisco.  It was cool and foggy, as most summer mornings can be in the city, but still beautiful.  First stop, Pier 39.
sea lions posing for pictures
submarine and ship tours
 Despite the fact that we've been here many times before, it is always fun to play the tourist.  Finally the sun came out as we headed over to A T and T park to watch the SF Giants take on the Philadelphia Phillies..  This is a beautiful new stadium, built right on the water.  The views are amazing and we had great seats down behind the Giants dugout.  Nothing says summer like a baseball game, hot dogs, garlic fries and a cold beer.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
I'm now headed over to the Weight Watchers site :)


  1. Haha! You had quite a full day. Love the pics. I wish we had sea lions where I live in New England. I would have to go visit the Mystic Aquarium. Enjoy your little sewing break. Sometimes it's just the thing we need to recharge the mojo. :-)

  2. I believe we often get over whelmed with so many unfinished projects, at least I know I do. I can wake up with good intentions and then when I try and decide what to work on I can't make up my mind so I do nothing. Then the next time I get full of energy and go gun ho and actually get one or two things completed. That always feels good. A break is good, your trip sounds wonderful. Love the pics you shared. Ohio seems a long way off from California. I'm glad you had a memorable time. Thanks for leaving a comment when you visited me.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. If I could see places like that, I wouldn't sew either -- well maybe some hexies....

  4. Ahh....your mini holiday looks like it was a well deserved break. 'Tis lovely to get away from creating and just be. Gorgeous photos.

  5. I love watching baseball games in the summer. Beautiful photos, looks cool there hotter than heck here in the south

  6. Oh, lovely lovely LOVELY! The grayed landscapes with the blasts of color--signs, flags, carousel awnings--are so gorgeous. Great photography, sis. :) And if there's something better than a day at the ballpark, I don't know what it is.

  7. Gosh I LOVE San Fransisco but have not been here for years, thank you for taking me back again.

  8. Do you know, I have not been to Napa!? I must go one day soon! You must have just missed the bad earthquake? My nephew and his wife live just outside the city and they sure felt the shaker!!!
    OH..almost forgot....I Love the stash buster sheet blanket. Darling, and oh so cozy I bet!

  9. That looks like a great holiday - thanks for taking us with you !!!!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!