Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Farewell to Summer Blanket

This summer throw was created with big pieces of fabric from my stash.  I didn't use batting in between, just added another layer of fabric in the middle (muslin).  The result is a big heavy sheet.

 If I had thought things out first instead of wildly throwing fabric chunks together, it could have been an Anthropologie style duvet cover, with ties or buttons at one end for closure. But this is pretty much how I pictured it in my head so I'm happy with it.  A large section of the top is Anna Maria Horner voile, which I love, and wanted to be able to keep it in one piece to take advantage of the soft feel. 
My original plan was to hand stitch it across all sections, something like this.  I did exactly one row and realized I have way too many other things I want to spend my time on, so went right over to the machine and quilted along each seam line.

That's about it.   A very simple stash buster.  I figure if the mood strikes, I can always add more hand stitching (said no one with a million WIPs in their closet ever). 

Where the heck did August go? 


  1. I love it. It is such a pretty way to use up those special pieces you just can't cut into and I love the idea of making it a duvet. You inspired me to start a new project (said no one with a million WIPs ever, lol).

  2. It's beautiful and so old-fashioned looking. looks like a good nap blanket. How's your puppy doing? How about some pictures?? :)

  3. What à great idea, I might have to try one - despite having a (hehm) few UFOs!

  4. Said no
    Very nice and perfect for the end of summer

  5. This is so lovely! It looks perfect for a picnic. I love the big, uncut pieces--and I would love to see your Anthropologie hack idea, too. Do that one next! :)


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